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Ultimate Review of the Best Dog Kennel Covers

Kennels are like homes for dogs. As much as you might think them a basic part of your family, it’s quite important that they have a space of their own. Dog kennels are probably the only solutions to this.

However, as dog – human relationship has evolved over the years, kennels have had different uses, especially as crates, which are used for trainings, and make for a portable dog houses whose importance are unparalleled when you have to travel with your dog.

Dog kennel covers are like roofs to our houses and blankets to our bodies as they are major shelter accessories. The major benefits of dog kennel covers include;

Dog training:

Kennel training is the easiest and quickest way to train your dog, but dog kennel covers help to improve dog training. Dogs are always excited and ready to play at most times, however, the kennel cover is useful to help keep your dog relaxed by removing all the visual activities going on around.

This has been proven to make your dog more peaceful, and in the long run helps calm them down into being more composed and responsible dogs.


Kennel training your dog is great; however, many dog owners are not happy with the view of having a big box around to accommodate their dog. Consequently, dog kennel covers assist in concealing the kennel and let it blend with the environment.

Warmth and Shade:

If your dog kennel is situated at a moist place, à cover will provide additional warmth for your pet. It blocks the chilling air and capture body warm especially during winter. Likewise, if the kennel is outdoors where it is susceptible to sunlight or down pour, dog kennel cover may well offer shade to your dog as well.


The best dog kennel covers provide the comfort and security that dogs love to have. They can make an atmosphere feel particularly cozy and secure thereby helping your dog to easily adapt to the atmosphere and make him sleep well at night.


As beneficial as dog kennel covers might sound, new protocols and accessories can’t just be incorporated into your dog’s routine. You have to let them ease into it.

Dog kennel covers should be introduced gradually to your dog to prevent anxiety and phobia. This can be done by covering a small part of the kennel at a time. For example you can begin by initially by placing the cover on the top of kennel for a day or two.

best dog kennel covers

Then gradually extend the reach of the cover to the sides until the kennel is covered completely and the dog is comfortable with it. Patience is key in this scenario, because if you go about it wrong, you’ll have real serious trust issues with your dog, and that’s the basis of your relationship.


Picking the best dog kennel covers for your dog is quite tasking. Different models of covers comprise of numerous add-ons, contributing to satisfaction level supplied for you and your pet.

Some of the factors you have to put into consideration include;

Mild Transparency:

Even when you intend to use the kennel cover for training to calm your dog’s nerves, it doesn’t have to be a total blackout inside. That’s just punishment. Be sure to purchase a kennel cover that isn’t going to completely black your dog out. Mildly transparent colors are better.

Also, your color choice is very important in this matter. Cool colors have psychological importance to your dog’s health and training.

Material used:

There are lots of things to consider as touching the material used for the fabric. The texture must be mild enough to allow enough breathing air into your dog’s kennel. Some materials also happen to have pest and insect repellant properties. Make sure you consider all the possibilities in the accessories that come with fabrics during your purchase.

Cost effectiveness:

The best dog kennel covers feature the finest blend of its benefits and come at an affordable price. It’s wise to consider your financial status while you shop for dog accessories. There always are more important things to purchase.


Our choices for the best dog kennel covers are reviewed as follows;

- MidWest Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

The Midwest brand of dog kennel covers feature a durable easy care polyester fabric cover which is machine washable and easily dried. It has been recommended by leading veterinarians and trainers for dog training, as well as for normal use.

The hook and loop tab feature has proven to be effective so far in holding the cover to the kennel or crate even during windy periods. You can be rest assured that your dog is in safe hands.

The dimensions are 42 inch by 28 inch by 30 inches and can be conveniently used with crates of 42 inches in length, while there are three access ports throughout the cover for easy entry and exit of your dog.

It’s quite adaptable and provides just enough comfort that your dog needs, and for this reason, it has made it to our list of the best dog kennel covers in our review.

- Prevue Pet Products Playpen Cover/Mat

The Prevue brand understand that the best dog kennel covers aren’t just supposed to cover the top and sides of your dog’s kennel. The Prevue Dog kennel cover also provide a comfy environment for your dog inside the kennel with comfy mats where they can safely play on without damaging your floors or in any case get dirty by direct contact to the ground.

It doubles as a cover as well as a mat to prevent your dog from direct contact with the floors.

- ProSelect Solar Crate Canopies - Protective Coverings for Dog Crates

This brand of canopies allow your pet to have an enjoyable outdoor experience without having to deal with inconveniences from the sun and heat.

The ProSelect are a remarkable invention which are incredibly light in weight to easy packing as well as use. It’s made of a highly reflective material which helps prevent the intensity of the sun, thereby providing a cooler environment inside the kennel to ease the training experience or accommodation that the kennel provides.

It’s adaptable with lots of accessories and equipment including trees, kennels, wire exercise pens, etc.

Check or the size of your kennel before purchase to get the best out of it.

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