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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a GPS Tracker for Dogs

There's a reason why they are called man's best friends. Of all the pets, dogs have proven to be the best companions. Their loyalty is undeniable. And the bonds formed between dog and person run deep.

That's why there is nothing quite distressing as losing your furry friend. Thankfully, recent technology has provided a solution - a GPS tracker for dogs.

In the same way you “Find My Phone”, GPS dog trackers allow you to narrow down the location of your lost pooch.

Dog trackers are generally divided into two categories:

1. Radio Trackers: This may be dated technology but it's still effective. Radio trackers were the first system created to track dogs. Although the technology behind them has been developed since inception, they are still best used on hunting dogs. They function a lot like walkie-talkies. Radio trackers can't be used indoors.

2. GPS Trackers: As the newer technology, GPS trackers are more popular. They use GPS connectivity, usually via a cellular network, to pinpoint your pet's location. They are further classified into A-GPS (Advanced GPS) and WAAS-GPS (Wide Area Augmentation System GPS). While A-GPS is quicker in fixating the location of your pet, WAAS-GPS has better accuracy. GPS trackers can be used indoors. They are recommended for people living in urban areas.

If you are a dog owner, your dog probably already has a microchip that was implanted at the vet. This chip holds the owner's information that can be read using a certain device. You might ask, isn't that a dog tracker chip? One that can find your dog for you? Unfortunately, it is not.

The microchip is not built to track the location of your dog. Think of it as a barcode on an item at the store. Until the item passes through the scanner, it can't be identified. The chip works in the same way. Unless it is scanned at a vet or animal shelter, your information cannot be accessed. Which leaves you reliant on the Good Samaritan who may or may not find your pooch and take them to a vet.

What if you would rather not let chance determine whether you see your four-legged friend again? This is where the GPS trackers for dogs come in.

GPS tracker for dogs

What to look for in a GPS dog tracker

Whether you prefer a clip-on gadget or a pre-fitted collar, manufacturers have gone out of their way to give you and your pet an array of options. All dog tracking collars or GPS trackers offer tracking services. Many of them have increased their features to doing more than track your dog's location.

Dog activity tracker

Ever worried your dog is not getting enough exercise while you're at work? With trackers like Voyce and Buddy, you can find out how much activity your pooch engages in on a daily basis.


If your dog is a canine Houdini, then you need a tracker with geo-fencing. Some trackers like Pod 2 enable you to create a virtual fence for your pet. When he/she wanders out of your set boundaries, an alert is sent to your mobile phone and you can track your wandering dog’s location. Other trackers have a virtual leash to keep your dog in check.

Dog health monitor

You can't always tell when your dog is feeling under the weather. That's why a tracker with health monitoring capabilities can set your mind at ease. Some trackers will monitor your dog's heart and respiratory rates which you can record and later show to your vet. This feature is particularly useful if your dog is older. Petpace and Kyon are some of dog trackers that offer health monitoring.

Temperature and water sensors

Have you ever left your dog in the car on a hot day? By mistake of course. If the irate animal lover didn't bite your head off, then your conscience probably did. Dog GPS devices like Tagg have been developed to send you an alert when the temperatures get too high for your pooch. Some even warn you if your dog is in danger of drowning.

In-built LED lights

It's one thing to lose your dog during the day. Losing them at night is an even more frightening scenario. That's why some dog GPS trackers have in-built LED lights that light up in the dark. That way, your pet is more visible to you and oncoming traffic.

In-built speakers

DogTelligent and WÜF are telling you that you can give your dog audible commands even when you're far away from them. The in-built speakers allow you to issue commands to your pooch and keep him/her in line.

The emotion reader

A Japanese dog owner wanted to find out what his corgi was feeling, without having to rely on the wagging tail. So Yamaguchi created a device that promises to tell you how your pooch is feeling. It has in-built LED lights which turn colour according to the emotion being experienced by your furry friend. How does it do it? The device monitors your dog's heart rate to tell you whether he/she is happy, anxious or upset.

Limitations of a dog tracker GPS

As pointed out earlier, most GPS trackers require a cellular connection. This means that the trackers are most effective under a clear sky. It also requires a strong signal on your mobile phone if you need to find your lost pup.

The GPS devices run on rechargeable batteries with varying battery lives. The more you use the device, the faster the battery discharges. For some pet owners who are away often, this hinders your ability to monitor your dog.

Just like all technology, dog GPS trackers do not work exactly as advertised. Malfunctions occur which can leave you either stranded or frustrated.

Many of the GPS trackers for dogs are heavy. This makes your search harder when it comes to finding the perfect tracker for your pup or smaller dog.

GPS trackers can also be restricted to their countries of production, such as the UK and USA. If you travel across continents with your dog, the trackers become redundant.

The Whistle Dog Tracker

One of the best dog trackers that you can use is the Whistle dog tracker. This is very popular and effective when it comes to locating man's best friends. They are easily available and pocket friendly. Below are the key features of this lovely Whistle:

· It helps to find lost dogs quickly: This is through a notification made whenever your dog goes out of its designated zone. You can customize this area to your liking. You will be able to track this straight from your smartphone.

· On-demand alerts: You can set up how to receive on-demand alerts. This could be through a text message or a notification on your phone whenever your dog gets out of the safety zone.

· Nationwide coverage: This device gives US users a nationwide coverage. Therefore, regardless of where you are, you can be able to follow up with your favorite dog.

· Health monitoring: You can track the activities of your dog to monitor it's health. These include key insights on activity and rest.

· Water-resistant: It does not get damaged when immersed in water.

· Durable: It is very durable and resilient regardless of where you go with your pet. It does not easily get damaged.

· Easy to attach: It can be attached to any harness or collar of up to 1" wide. It is attached using a rubber strap and plastic clip.

· 3G connection: It uses 3G only to connect over the internet. It does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

· 12 minute checks: Its system checks your mutt's location every 12 minutes. This is how it will get to know whether it went rogue.

Mistakes to avoid with dog tracking collars

Below are a few mistakes that you need to avoid:

· Not having a dog activity tracker: No matter how much you "trust" your dog, you never know what will happen in a rainy day. To protect yourself from theft or straying, make sure your dog has a dog tracking collar. You can combine this with a dog tracker chip.

· Allowing your dog to get out of the designated zones. Your tracker will notify you whenever your dog gets out of the specified zone. If this happens, you need to retrieve it as fast as possible. Don't ignore the alert.

· Choosing the wrong tracker: If you choose a poorly reviewed tracker, you may end up struggling with lots of false positives. For example, there are some trackers that claim to measure temperature. However, they end up giving false alerts whenever your dog goes out to soak in the sun.


Ultimately, the question you should answer is: would you like to say you did all you could to keep your dog safe? Dog tracker GPS may seem like yet another doggy accessory but it determine if you will ever see your beloved pooch again.

Make sure you choose the right tracker for your dog and avoid the mistakes above. Additionally, consider buying the top-rated Whistle Dog Tracker. Make sure your dog is safe. With this, you and your mutt will remain best friends for a long time.

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