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Trendy Tips on the Healthiest Dry Dog Food

Dry dog foods are very healthy and very easy to feed to dogs. It is convenient to feed to dogs and is the least expensive of the types.

A healthy dog is always a happy dog, and only when your dog is happy that’s when you know you are doing something right. Always remember that there is no particular food that is best for every dog, no particular food that will give the dog the most energy and the best digestion but you can get something close.

A shiny coat, bright eyes a great shape and good energy are the qualities of a dog that is fed a healthy diet. The healthiest dry dog food is the particular dry dog food that contains all the required nutrients and ingredients that promote the health and overall wellbeing of your dog with no complications.

Getting the healthiest dry dog food is not that much of task if you try and find out what’s best for your dog and what is not. Dogs like human are different in nature, what’s good for a dog might not be good for another dog. The constituents of a dry dog food will determine whether it is healthy for your dog or not.

The Appropriate Healthiest Dry Dog Food

Feeding your dog the appropriate type of food for its age level will also determine how healthy it will look. Feeding a puppy an adult food will not get it the right amount of calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals it will need for proper growth.

Likewise feeding and adult dog a puppy food will not get it the right amount of protein it needs, such a dog is likely to become overweight. An older dog also will need the healthiest dry dog food suitable for it which is a food that is more easily digested. When it comes to nutrients of dog food, one size is not appropriate for all.

healthiest dry dog food

What are the healthiest dry dog foods made of?

Ingredients with high-quality nutrients are vital for a healthy dry dog food. Choosing the right type of food with quality ingredients can be one of the biggest factors in terms of longevity and quality of life. The healthiest dry dog food should be the one that contains enough meat or meat meal content as the major ingredients which are easily digestible by dogs.

The meat content should be appropriate for the age level of your dog. Other non-meat protein sources like potato protein, soya meal vegetable protein and so on which are harder for your dog’s body to digest should be kept to a minimal level to avoid dietary intolerance.

Calories are needed more by puppies and lactating because it supplies them more energy for their growing need and adult dogs needs just a few calories. The level and amount of calories required by your dog will be determined by the age level and weight of your dog. Make sure the appropriate calories quantity are in its food.

Vitamins are also essential for healthiest dry dog food as they contain compounds which help to keep the dog healthy and fit. All the 13 known vitamins play a role in your dog’s wellbeing.

Minerals are also needed by dogs to stay healthy and fit and a good dog food should contain enough minerals in sufficient quantity; most especially the young puppies who need it for healthy bone formation.

Minerals are always involved in every process in the dog’s system because of its varieties. The important ones are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, manganese and selenium.

You can always compare the ingredients amount to a nutrition chart such as the AAFCO charts or better still consult your vet.

Ingredients that are not in healthiest dry dog food

When sourcing for dry dog food, avoid any dog food with corn or corn meal, artificial preservatives, coloring and fillers as they cause many health problems for dogs. Also avoid by-products, meat and bone meals and chemical preservatives.

After you have done your comparisons and picked out the healthiest dry food for your dog, allow your dog some time to switch from his current food to the new one. A sudden change in food can lead to an intestinal upset. Switch to a new food at a slow pace.

You can start by giving it a mixture of 75% old food and 25% new food for at least for 3 days, then 50% of both foods for another 3 days, then 75% new food and 25% old food for another 3 days. Your dog should be able to consume the new food without complications.

Our Choice Of The Best Healthy Dry Dog Food Brands

There are many brands one can choose from regarding the healthiest dry dog food. Price is the determining factor in some cases but nothing good comes that cheap they say. Here are some brands that have highly nutritional ingredients that will be beneficial to your dog.

- Wellness Core Dog Food

Wellness Dog Food is a brand that also produce high-quality premium dog food. The company is said to use real meat, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and probiotics with no artificial ingredients or colors. The dog food is made with an ideal balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates with no empty calories which makes it healthy for dogs.

The Wellness Core line of dog foods offers a grain free, high protein diet with low carbohydrates. The Core line includes seven recipes that you can choose from. The food is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

Even though the Wellness Dog Food is a little pricey, the product is well recommended as one of the healthiest dry dog food for dog’s owners that want a premium grain free food because it is worth it at the end of the day.

- Orijen Dog Food

The Orijen brand of dog foods has built their products on an ideology that preaches originality. This ideology requires that dogs eat as their primary ancestors did before the invention of processed dog foods, thereby making their brand very high in meat with multiple meat sources and no grains which qualifies it as one the healthiest dry dog food.

The quality of their ingredients is very remarkable as it contains seven meat sources of outstanding quality, natural fruits and vegetables, and lots of nutritional supplements that’s all natural.

The Orijen Dog Food are said to be made up of 40 percent fresh meat making it a unique dog food. It is a good dog food that any dog will love but a dog food of a great quality will always come with a great price but it is worth it at the end of the day.

- Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dog Food meets the market demand for both premium natural dog food and grain-free foods with healthier constituents by featuring grain-free formulas that are made on what dogs would eat in the wild with high protein meals and nutrient rich fruits. The product lines include seven dry dog foods which are pretty great and can be regarded as one of the healthiest dry dog food.

The food emphasizes highly digestible and a better tasting food with natural antioxidants needed to promote a healthy immune system in dogs.


After you have done all your best to ensure that your dog gets the healthiest dry dog food out there, take note of its feeding habits after it has been on the new food for at least a month. Always remember, it is always quality and not quantity, so far they eat a healthy dry dog food they will come out great.

The information above is just a guide to help you decide your dog diet, it is not 100 percent perfect, and the vet’s way is always the best way.

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