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Trends You Need To Know About The Best Dog Foods!

Best Dog Foods

Foods are a very important part of living things, as lives are literally dependent on it. This is one of the reasons I would advise you to get the best dog foods for your dog to get the most effective output possible.

The best dog foods are known mostly for their distinct use of unique ingredients in even more unique blends and recipes.

best dog food

What Are The Contents Of The Best Dog Foods?

Dogs are omnivorous in nature even though they mostly survived on a diet of meat in the past. Grains, vegetables, and meat are all part of a dog’s diet. Having a well-balanced meal prepared for your dog will ensure its health and fitness because a happy dog will always make you happy. The best food for any dog should contain protein, fiber and Vitamins/Minerals.


A dog food should contain more protein as this constitutes what is needed for their energy and it is also an essential part of their growth and body repair.

The best protein food for a dog is meat and fish as they easily digest and utilize the constituents in it, therefore, the meat content of the food should be appropriate.

Other non-meat protein sources like potato protein, soya meal vegetable protein and so on are harder for the dog’s body to digest and should be kept to a minimal level to avoid dietary intolerance.


They are good in a dog’s food as it helps to maintain intestinal health. It also slows down the digestion of foods it is consumed with which is a good for weight loss program in dogs by allowing the dog to feel satisfied while delivering fewer calories. It also serves as a pre-biotic by providing a food source for intestinal bacteria that prevent the harmful bug from getting established.


Vitamins are also essential for dog food as they contain compounds which help to keep the dog healthy and fit. All the 13 known vitamins play a role in your dog’s wellbeing.


Minerals are needed by dogs to stay healthy and fit and a good dog food should contain enough minerals in sufficient quantity; most especially the young puppies who need it for healthy bone formation.

Minerals are always involved in every process in the dog’s system because of its varieties. The important ones are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, manganese and selenium.

When sourcing for dog food, avoid any dog food with corn or corn meal, artificial preservatives, coloring and fillers as they cause many health problems for dogs. Also avoid by-products, meat and bone meals and chemical preservatives.

What Are The Major Forms Of The Best Dog Food?

One of the features of the best dog food is that it must be available in all forms to suit the different needs and digestive conditions of different dogs all over the world.

Dry Dog Foods

This is a hard chunk, biscuit or kibble that dog crack with their teeth. It is convenient to feed to dogs and is the least expensive. It contains little moisture content but since dogs drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated, it’s not a big deal.

dry dog food

Dry dog foods are very healthy and very easy to feed to dogs. They are not made equally and the best ones are the non-grain types. Another advantage of dry dog food it is easy to store and can be bought in large quantities.

The best dry dog food is the formula that highly rich in protein with real meat as its major ingredients with other real ingredients like fish, eggs, carrots and other high nutrient foods. They should be grain free or can contain healthy grains like oats and quinoa.

Why Should You Buy The Best Dry Dog Food?

Now normally, it might occur to you that dry foods are made for storage purposes since drying is a process used to make foods last longer in storage, well that’s not entirely true. There are so many advantages that come with the best dry dog food that goes far beyond storage.

- Storage:

Storage is a very important part of food processing. One of the features of the best dog food is the ability to last long in storage, mostly dry, and one of the features of the best dry dog foods is their ability to last in storage.

This would give a lot of guarantees if it has to be transported over long distances as a part of one’s personal property or on a commercial basis to be retailed.

The best dry dog foods stand more chances to survive storage than other forms, especially from weather, temperature, pests, rodents as well as the long list of things that affect stored foods on a regular basis.

- Conveniency

In addition to being easily stored easily for later for whatever reason we have, the best dry dog foods are actually very convenient, more than for other forms of dog foods.

Dry kibble can be left out for your dogs to eat if you have to take off for the whole day, or more. The food can be left in his bowl in excess enough to be fed on for the entire span you’ve planned to spend away from him.

The best part is that you can do so without the fear of spoilage or contamination of the house either by pests or micro bacteria spread. This works so well for cats, and just as much for dogs.

- Cleaner Environment

One of the perks of having pets, or a dog is having to deal with the mess the dog(s) leave lying around the house. Some dogs, when not well adjusted to a new environment of owner don’t care whether they knew the food bowl over or eat with the remnants all over the place.

The best dry dog food can be easily swept off your floors without much work. That adds to the convenience of feeding your dogs with dry kibble.

- Training and bonding

It's not very advisable to only use objects to play the game of fetch with your dog(s). The best dry dog foods in the form of dry kibble can be used and an effective training treat for your dog.

This is really good, helps a lot with training which in turn helps to bond well with your dog. However, overfeeding isn’t a very considerate option either, so watch out!.

- Cures dental problems

Even before it becomes a problem, some dry foods are specially made to shape and clean your dog’s teeth as they chew on it.

This is like a two in one solution where you get to look out for your dog by feeding it and getting rid of any potential digestive and dental or oral problems that might arise in the future.

Facts have shown that a higher percentage of dental problems that dogs face are due to leftover foods in their teeth, which is mostly of wet foods, or other forms.

- It's Economical

The best dry dog foods are really economical and cost effective as most of them contain a proportionate blend of different nutrient rich ingredients to make one crunchy kibble product.

As a matter of fact, depending on the quality of food you have chosen for your dog, the wet forms are always more expensive and require to be bought at smaller rations to avoid spoilage as they have less expiry time.

This option is really economical especially when you have more than one dog to feed.

Cons Of Dry Dog Foods

The best dry dog foods have proven to be a very good option, so well that the advantages serve our dogs better than it could probably harm them or their owners. However, they have cons, and looking into that too isn’t a bad idea.

- No moisture:

The dry kibble is a really good option when your dog basically lives inside your house and feeds there, also as a good storage option but considering the dog’s health, it might not be as beneficial.

Just like humans, dogs need wet foods during the dry season, for so many medical reasons and one obvious one – it just makes perfect sense.

Also, when they are ill or have medical problems pertaining to their teeth or digestive tracts, dry kibble might not be the best option for them.

- Poor ingredients as compared to wet foods

The ingredients in the best dry dog foods are just as good, but in most cases have a reduced amount of fat content and an increased ratio of carbohydrates. Hyperactive and younger dogs need as much fat as they can get for healthy growth.

- Hard choice for younger dogs

For much younger dogs that have passed the milk consumption only stage, they might require something a little less hard than dry foods. They might find it hard to bite through dry kibble, hence, making wet and moist foods an option for them.

Canned Or Wet Dog Foods

Canned dog foods are also regarded as wet dog food. Canning is used for preservation purposes and product packaging. This type is most often very high in meat and grain free, cooked at high temperature and sealed in cans.

dog wet food

In most brands, they are more expensive per feeding than dry dog food, unlike dry dog kibble, wet foods that are exposed to the environment can easily grow bacteria and becomes easily contaminated.

Canned foods often have no artificial color and flavors and it also does not contain preservatives as it is sealed in cans after cooking.

Canned foods contain more moisture than dry foods and it’s easier for dogs to eat because it is softer than dry food. It is also the best choice for picky dogs. Though it is more expensive than dry food, it is richer in content than dry food.

How Do The Best Wet Dog Foods Benefit Our Dogs?

Apart from homemade dog foods, most of the best wet dog foods are canned, as a means of preserving them and making them appealing to sight during purchase.

The manufacturers do not go through the stress of producing wet foods in cans and other packaging materials for nothing. They bear lots of benefits as explained below.

These benefits might at some point begin to sound like their advantages over dry foods, and that’s exactly what they are.

Dry foods might have their pros, but the best wet dog foods surely overcome their perks and make a better food choice for dogs.


The preparation of the best wet dog foods is quite simple and safe seeing as the ingredients are left in their natural forms and are more likely to produce more efficient results.

Unlike in dry dog foods where all the ingredients have to be processed by grinding, heating and taking other precautionary measures, the best wet dog foods have been known to pose a lot less danger and add more benefits to the health of our dogs.

By leaving the ingredients in their raw form during preparation of the best wet dog foods, the recipes, methods, and percentages per ingredients are less likely to be tampered with, as the process is with a lot fewer complications.

Ingredients: -

As explained below, in the best wet dog foods, the ingredients are less likely to be tampered with, which means you get exactly what the food says on its cover, not in a processed form with its values reduced, but in the purest form that would yield more positive results in your dog’s growth.

Also, the water percentage of the ingredients of the best wet dog foods, - which is about 75% of it, gives more credit to them over the other food forms.

Some dogs are a lot more reluctant to drink as much water as they should. Wet foods can take care of that problem being a good source of hydration with richer water content.

The ingredients of the best wet dog foods, as well as the preparation, leave a scent that can be hardly resisted by any dog, thereby proving to be an appetizer.

This works well, especially on older dogs that have weak olfactory senses. This will ensure that they get the required nutrients they need for good health without having to force feed them.


Wet foods are the overall best option for dogs suffering from some health issue, especially those having dental related problems such as missing teeth, poorly aligned jaws smaller mouths.

The best wet dog foods reduce the stress of having to chew crunchy food before they can be digested. It eases the whole feeding process for dogs.

Apart from being highly beneficial to dogs with health issues, the best wet dog foods blend well with the dog’s system and take less time in working and improving dog health as expected of each recipe in the food.

Fewer preservatives:

Unlike dry foods, the best wet dog foods do not require preservatives or colorants to make them look edible and edibly attractive to dogs. The natural scent of the nice recipe just gets them on.

Research has shown that preservatives do more harm than good to the health of our dogs, hence making the best wet dog foods the safer option in the food category.

The Cons Of Wet Dog Foods

Over time, dog food manufacturers have ensured that the cons of different recipes and forms of their products do not outweigh the benefits, in order to keep their products in the market and prevent them from being banned.

That alone should give you enough assurance and confidence to worry less about these major points that might normally disapprove of your choice for wet dog foods.


It’s a known fact that even the best wet dog foods are prone to spoilage mostly because of the limited preservation span they have. Once a canned dog food is opened, there’s no going back. It's like a countdown. That’s a major bummer.

Promotes dental dysfunction:

Wet dog foods are more likely to leave plaques (food residues) in your pooch’s mouth. So, unless you check their mouth after each food, feeding them with wet dog foods will most likely cause dental dysfunction or worsen their dental health.

Apart from that, consumption of plaques that have been stuck in their mouth for a long time isn't a healthy feeding habit. Unlike humans, they most likely swallow anything in their mouth, and decayed plaques aren't so hygienic.

Less economical:

Canned dog foods kind of sound like some measured quantity of food in a can, but it's not always so. Especially when your dog is either very young or very old.

In most cases, dogs can't finish a can of wet dog food, hence, you might have to refrigerate it for a short time and hope they eat the rest or you would have to dispose of them.

However, you will have to buy these foods in smaller amounts, and that’s more expensive than bulk purchase.


Most pets make a mess while eating their food, and it's worse when they are eating wet foods. It leaves out the option of leaving food in your dog’s bowl while you leave the house or even feeding them without supervision.

The mess it leaves can be really frustrating especially when they roam around the house, leaving the residue all over the place.


It’s okay to want to spend well on your dog’s feeding, but customer reviews have shown that wet dog foods aren’t very cost effective. Canned foods cost way more than dry foods and don’t last as long. That’s not very encouraging, but the benefits cannot be easily overlooked.

Semi-moist Dog Foods

This is type a food is like the name implies, a type of dog food that has a water content between 60% and 65% which is expensive than the other forms of dog food.

Semi-moist foods are higher in salt and sugar content than dry food, so it might not be a good choice for all dogs. Semi-moist dog food is convenient for most dog owners and it is easy to eat and digest by small dogs.

The best semi-moist dog food is the ones make with natural ingredients. Avoid low-quality dog foods made with preservatives and artificial colors. One of the major drawbacks of semi-moist dog food is that it does not keep the dog teeth clean as dry food.

Top Ten Dog Food

The top ten dog food doesn’t just contain a list of really common and affordable dog foods. The products earn their position on this list by being more awesome than that.

The scale of their benefits in relation to their cons has to be the most acceptable and most balanced.

Being AAFCO approved is another bonus point that earns them their place on this list. However, these ten dog foods have against all odds made it to the top ten on our list. They include;

- Taste of the Wild Dog Food

This brand of food meets the market demand for both premium natural dog food and grain-free foods with healthier constituents by featuring grain-free formulas that are made on what dogs would eat in the wild with high protein meals and nutrient rich fruits.

The food emphasizes highly digestible and a better tasting food with natural antioxidants needed to promote a healthy immune system in dogs. It is produced in four adult formulas available in dry and canned versions and also a puppy formulas in dry versions.

- Orijen Dog Food

The Orijen brand of dog foods has built their products on an ideology that preaches originality. This ideology requires that dogs eat as their primary ancestors did before the invention of processed dog foods, thereby making their brand very high in meat with multiple meat sources and no grains.

The quality of their ingredients is very remarkable as it contains seven meat sources of outstanding quality, natural fruits and vegetables, and lots of nutritional supplements that’s all natural.

The Orijen Dog Food are said to be made up of 40 percent fresh meat making it a unique dog food.

It is a good food that any dog will love but a dog food of a great quality will always come with a great price but it is worth it at the end of the day.

- Wellness Dog Food

Wellness Dog Food is a brand that also produce high-quality premium dog food. The company is said to use real meat, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and probiotics with no artificial ingredients or colors.

The dog food is made with an ideal balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates with no empty calories.

The Wellness Core line of dog foods offers a grain free, high protein diet with low carbohydrates. The Core line includes seven recipes that you can choose from.

The food is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. Even though the Wellness Dog Food is a little pricey, the product is well recommended for dog’s owners that want a premium grain free food because it is worth it at the end of the day.

- Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Food is a brand which produces high-quality dog food with the slogan “Truly The Food For A Lifetime”.

It is a brand that has a full confidence in the quality of the ingredients in their product. At a fair price, the dog food is a healthy choice and worth the price for those looking out for their dog’s well-being.

The ingredients consist of “human grade” meat with high-quality grains and vegetable. It is one of the best-ranked dog’s foods in the market currently.

Natural Balance Dog Food is highly recommended to dog owners that want the best for their dog.

- Kirkland Dog Food

Kirkland is a brand with a high-quality dog food ingredients at a very affordable price. Kirkland Dog Food formulas meet the appropriate nutritional needs for dogs of all life stages and with numerous maintenance needs.

The main ingredients of this dog food are meat which is either in the form of fresh meat or poultry meals and are highly concentrated in protein.

Even though grains are part of the Kirkland Dog Food ingredients, they pose no problems as they are good quality grains like brown rice and barley which are easily digested.

Also, this helps reduce the odds of your dog suffering allergies from their meal.

This cost effective product is recommended for most dogs with the exclusion of dogs with the sensitive digestive system due to the inclusion of grains. It is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable but high-quality dog food.

- Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is a natural brand with the motto “Love them like family, Feed them like family”.

From the motto, you’d know that the manufacturer isn’t just some college graduate that cooked up some formula for dogs, but a dog loving owner who has had enough personal experience with a dog.

The brand basically promotes a healthy balance and a strong immune system in dogs with a balanced diet that rich in energy and health-boosting nutrients and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness line aim to provide more protein that serves your dog’s natural taste with a range of natural ingredient and free from grains and without artificial preservatives and colors.

The products come in dry and canned varieties and id well recommended for any dog except dogs with the sensitive digestive system. With Blue Buffalo, be rest assured that your dog will be satisfied.

- Canidae Dog Food

Canidae Dog Food is a premium dog food that contains better ingredients than most generic dog food brands.

The top three ingredients are mostly meat or poultry meals which contain more protein than fresh meat which is very great for dog food.

It also contains rice which is high in content and a low vegetable protein which is considered ideal for a good dog food. Canidae Dog Food produces large varieties of formulas that are of good quality which includes a Platinum formula and foods for all life stages.

All Canidae Dog food formulas contain no artificial colorings or preservatives and no corn is added. It is a good recommendation for any dog with a very good review, you won’t regret you ever bought it.

- Newman Own Dog Food

Newman Own Dog Food are unique in the use of human grade chicken meat as well as both organic and plant based ingredients to make a very healthy food blend.

However, like few others, this brand does not contain any fillers such as corn or wheat. This mainly works to reduce the chances of dogs getting allergies from the food, posing great health risks.

The Newman brand contains a high level of proteins protein and carbohydrates needed for a healthy diet with lots of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by dogs to stay active.

Also, no artificial chemicals, preservatives or colors is added to it.

It comes in dry and canned varieties at an affordable price. It is a good food with quality ingredients any dog owner would like at a very fair price.

- The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food is one of the brands that produce human-grade dog foods using whole food ingredients. The human grade clause implies that they are bioavailable to the human digestive system, although consumption isn’t a reasonable option.

The dog food is said to be produced in a human-grade facility in Illinois with a lot of varieties which are grain free ingredients including lots of high meat protein sources which is good if you want your dog to eat high quality and well-nourished meals.

Honest Kitchen Dog Food contains no artificial preservatives, fillers or coloring and is highly recommended for every dog but highly expensive especially for owners on a tight budget.

- Evo Dog Food

The Evo Dog food mimic a diet a dog would have in the wild, which means lots of protein and fats and low carbohydrates.

The ingredients are high-quality ingredients like fresh meat and fish, vegetables, and fruits. No fillers or grains are contained in their formulas as the company produces food using strict quality conditions.

The brand employs the use of probiotics which serve as fill in for nutrients lost during processing, so as to promote a healthy immune system.


Every type of dog food has its pros and cons so the type of food to feed your dog will be dependent on your vet’s advice or which suits you best. Your dog’s breed and size can also determine the type of food to feed it.

Small breed dogs have higher metabolic rate than their larger counterparts. Dog foods that are higher in energy are recommended as they tend to benefit highly from them. Some manufacturers produce small breed food which is much easier for them to eat and digest.

Senior dogs tend to have a slower metabolism rate which means they need higher diets in protein and lower calories from their diet because as they get older, they eat less.

They can still do well on normal adult dog food in small quantities as it helps to prevent age-related obesity. Some senior diets allow inclusion of some supplements to help joint problems and other health related problem common in older dogs.

You can also buy the supplements separately and add it to any normal adult food.

A food for a puppy will not be the same you would feed an adult dog. Some brands make foods for dogs with different nutritional needs like allergies, food sensitivities and other related health problems. With this, we can deduce that there’s no one best food that is for every dog.

Don’t let your judgment get clouded by purchasing just any one of these because it's on our top ten dog food list. Make sure that the contents match you dog’s digestive system, especially those with wheat and lots of probiotics. The vet’s way is the best way!

Whatever you decide, you can be rest assured that choosing the best dog food might not be that hard.

Get a good brand and have a go at it.

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