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Trends You Need To Know About The Best Dog Collars

What are Dog Collars?

Dog collars are like the ties we use to complement our clothes, except that for dogs, collars have more important uses than fashion. However, irrespective of its use, the dog collar always stays around its neck.

Having such accessory on your dog’s neck all day must be really tiring, so, you best do all you can to make it worth it, and also convenient.When it comes to convenience, the market today has made a lot of choices, so every dog can partake.

There are lots of materials which have a role or two to play in this cause. The most commonly used are the leather. However, if this material is too rigid for your dog, there are many other materials to pick from.

best dog collar

Benefits of Dog Collars

There are various factors to consider when trying to get your dog a collar that helps you create a balance between functionality and convenience.

Before you bother yourself with this necessity, the features you need to consider when purchasing the best dog collars, and the benefits you stand to gain from your purchase are explained below;


Dogs don’t have glove compartments or wallets to keep their ID, they don’t even bother themselves with that. However, as dog owners, it’s our duty to make sure that they can be identified in public in case they wander off or get stolen.

Other basic details like medical information or residence can also be contained on your dog tag collar.Dog collars can contain the identity of your dog, just like your ID cards give basic descriptions about you, that helps for recognition.


You don’t suppose you could just tie a rope to your dog’s neck and hope to control him. Dog control is one of the basics of ownership. A dog you can’t control isn’t your friend, and there’s no point in that.

Dog collars provide leash attachment points where you can attach a leash to it, for cases like when you have to walk it. This makes it comfortable to keep your dog on the leash and at the same time give your dog enough room for convenience.


Like I said earlier in this post, dog collars make for a pretty good fashion accessory. It conceals the idea of wearing the leash on your dog and makes it look more like hand holding.

Even the identification feature in the collar can have a less boring look if it's fashionable.These reasons look pretty much cool, and like a necessity, however, there are other better functions that have been incorporated into the collar.


Some dog owners are confident enough to have their dogs out of their sight for a long time. This is either because their dog has been well trained and has lived with them for far too long to wander off, or they have some other means.

A means of communication justifies this claim.Dog collars can have communication devices that can be used to pass instructions to your dog where ever it is. It’s like having a mobile phone on your dog’s neck. You just have to send your commands from where ever you are.

Getting your dog’s Location:

Some dog collars have GPS devices that help you with the information about the location of your dog in real time. GPS devices for dogs are one of the latest improvements in pet ownership these days.

Having this chip inserted into your dog’s collar gives you confidence in the fact that you always know where your dog is at all times.

Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Collar

Seeing as you want what’s best for your dog, the combination of all these features may sound like a good idea. However, the best dog collars don’t just have all these features, they do so in the best way possible.


Convenience should be your top priority. With this in mind, there are different forms these collars can exist. Some of them include;-

    Basic Collars:

    This category consists of the regular collars that are quite basic in design. They have no special attachments or purposes, and so function as the regular collar whose best modification eases the leasing component.

    The types of collars that fall under his category include the buckle collars; which are considered to be the most standard type of dog collars. They feature a quick release buckle which looks similar to a belt buckle and holds the collar loosely around the dog’s neck.

    Breakaway collars also fall under this category. Their safety-lock is similar to that of the buckle collars, but instead they feature a safety mechanism that allows your dog to break free of the collar if the force applied is too strong.

    The Safety stretch collar, unlike the breakaway collar, features an elastic collar that reduces your dog’s risk of strangulation.

    Special Purpose Collars:

    These collars have extra features that exceed identification, fashion or control. Stud collars are sharply spiked to prevent an attack on your dog’s neck, while reflective collars make for a very handy accessory in dark or crowded places.

    They are usually made with nylon webbings and are very noticeable, where need be, either to an oncoming vehicle or to you. Lighted collars help your dog see in the dark, and reduces its chances from being attacked or being trapped in uncomfortable positions.Other collars in this category include:

    Medical collars: These collars could have a lot of health improving materials incorporated into them including chemicals for repelling fleas or infectious insects. Elizabethan collars also stop your dog from bumping its head into a wall, as a result of an eye infection, it’s being treated for, or some other reason.

    Training collars: have special effects that make your dog’s training both easier for you and your dog. 


    Convenience isn’t really a one-way street. It goes back and forth, between you and your dog. It’s understandable that you would want the finest blend of all the benefits and features listed above for your dog, but all of this should not be at the expense of your convenience.

    The major considerations include durability – seeing as you don’t want to keep buying dog collars every now and then;

    cost effectiveness- the price of the dog collar must match the benefits it features,

    color blend - with other dog accessories that your dog has to put on subsequently.

    The best dog collars definitely have all of these factors and more combined to give you and your dog the satisfaction you crave from its purchase.

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