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Top Four Pet Trackers Review

Are you looking for a pet tracker that can help you locate your pet? When your dog, cat, tortoise or any other pet goes missing, a tracker can help. Not only in locating it, but in saving its life too.

A tracker is usually easy to use. It comes with an adjustable collar, or it is attached to your pet’s existing collar. They are light weight so that your pet is not uncomfortable in it.

Different pet trackers have different price tags and different specifications too. The tracker system you purchase should be able to meet your requirements. Each tracker will serve you differently. Making an informed decision is, therefore, vital.

The following are top four trackers and their specifications:

MarcoPolo Pet Tracking System

The MarcoPolo has a collar tag, a charger and a portable locator that is hand-held. When you need to monitor two more pets, all you need to do is add the collar tags. These can be used comfortably on medium and large pets.

marcopolo pet tracking system

How well this system serves you is also affected by where you live. Its range is 2 miles with terrain and obstruction in consideration.

Key Features:

  • • Easy to set up and use: When you need to search for lost pets, you will only use a single button-push. It will help locate a lost pet in real time and distance.
  • • Simultaneous monitoring: It helps search for up to four pets. It accommodates four programmable safety areas for each pet.
  • • It works anywhere: It is entirely self-contained. It does not require any GPS or cell network. It will work operate well from anywhere including mountain tops or even under the ground. It allows you to travel with your pets. Since it uses a radio frequency band, it will easily and quickly trace your pet even if it is in someone’s house, garage or any enclosed space. Trust Marc to trace your pet.
  • • Rechargeable: Its pet collar uses a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. It lasts up to 90 days when continuously used.
  • • No monthly service fees: The only investment you need for this system is the price for the tracker. Having no monthly charges saves you hundreds of dollars over the time you will use it.

The way to use this system is to select one of four safety zone settings. When your pet wanders, you will receive notification in less than 80 seconds. When this happens, you set the system to tracking mode to go and locate the pet.

The ease of use of this tracker makes many people go for it. There are various groups of people that use it. These include pet-dog rescue groups, pet trainers, pet “nanny” service among others.

Pod GPS and WiFi Pet Tracker

There is a claim that this is the lightest and smallest real-time GPS pet tracker. It uses GPS, WiFi, and the 2G cell network to track the pet on demand.


Key Features:

  • • Location upon request: It has WiFi features which allow for fast location locks.
  • • Activity monitoring: It has a fitness tracking app. The app can be used to monitor the pets' activities and record their adventures.
  • • WiFi tracking indoors: It enables the location of for pets that are indoors.
  • • Interchangeable batteries: It has two interchangeable batteries. It ensures that your pet is never without the tracker.
  • • Water-proof: It remains in stellar condition even when it comes in contact with water.
  • • 12 months free subscription: This is a subscription-based service. The first 12 months are inclusive in the price. You will pay for every year after that.

The POD can fit any size of dog or cat collar. You can use your smartphone or computer to record your pet's activities using its enabled features.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

This device is best suited for smaller pets. It locates your pet in real time with a few minutes delay using GPS. It has a light a beeper which when enabled can help find your pet in the dark. It has an optional subscription service. You can turn it on and off when you want to use their GPS service. The battery life is short. This system serves you best if you have a high cell service.

  • • Lightweight and waterproof: You do not need to worry about weight or whether your pet will get into contact with water.
  • • Multiple uses: It can be used for pets, small children, suitcases, people, and cars.
  • • Reliable real-time tracking: Its activity tracker gives detailed statistics of the pet. This data reflects automatically on your smartphone. The statistics are available 24/7 making it secure.

Tractive has a feature called ‘Pet Remote’ which causes the collar to vibrate. It enables the pet to know what you want it to do. There are both standard and advanced commands that a pet owner can give the pet.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

gps dog collar

It is both a pet locator and activity tracker hence enabling you to monitor the health of your pet. It uses both GPS technology and Verizon network to function. It has an app that sends you a message and helps you locate your pet on a map.

As a user, you define your pet’s safe zone in the “whistle area”. You will get a notification when the pet leaves home.

The collar attachments are lightweight. They are best suited for pets below 15 pounds. Its battery life is about ten days, and that is good enough.

Key Features:

  • Tracks lost pets quickly: The ability to customize the pet’s safe zone and track it from your smartphone makes the search real quick.
  • Nationwide coverage: It uses cellular and GPS technology. It makes it possible to operate in any location that has cell services.
  • On demand notifications: You will receive notification when your pet leaves the designated safe area.
  • Keep pets healthy: With Whistle, you can track your pet’s activities and rest. This data update allows you to monitor their health status. You will receive notification if there is a significant change in their activity levels or sleep patterns.
  • Connected Caretakers: Whistle allows you to connect everyone who is attached to the life of your pet. These include your spouse, pet sitter or friends. This way, everyone that is in the life of that pet is kept on the same page.
  • Rechargeable battery: It takes only an hour to recharge its battery fully.
  • Durable and waterproof: This makes it possible to go anywhere with the pet.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pet Tracker

There are several features that a good pet tracker should have as listed below.

  • • Waterproof: You will need a tracker that gives you information whether your pet is on land or in water. When your pet gets rained on or dives into the water, a waterproof tracker will come in handy. If your pet loves to swim, the level of water resistance of the tracker will be important to you. Such a pet will also do well with a tracker that can resist knocks.
  • • Durable battery life: You will need a tracker whose battery life can be trusted. You do not want a tracker that fails to trace your pet because it ran out of battery charge. It is especially important for pets that spend most of their time outdoors. To cater for this, most trackers have interchangeable batteries or batteries that give you adequate time before you can recharge.
  • • Ability to set zones: A good tracker should allow you to set your pet’s safe zones. When your pet strays from these areas it should then send you a notification. Some pet trackers have included speakers and microphones. The idea is to enable the pet owner to call it back once it wanders away.
  • • Have a reasonable range: It is important to have a pet tracker that gives you proper allowance regarding location. GPS-based trackers have no issue with this capacity. However, trackers that use radio waves or Bluetooth would be limited in this feature. The unlimited range is the best option especially if you have an active pet. It will allow you to trace your pet no matter how far it wanders from home.
  • • Compatibility: It will be important to know how well your device is compatible with your smartphone or computer. Check their coverage abilities as well. Some trackers will be successful in remote areas while others are limited to certain regions.
  • • Fees and subscriptions: In addition to the purchase price, check what other cost comes with the tracker. Some trackers will ask for monthly or yearly transcription fee. Some manufacturers will give discounts for multiple pets so check that too. It does not apply to radio frequency based trackers as they do not require a subscription fee.


Sometimes your pets will get to places beyond your imagination. A tracker system will come in handy. You will not need to lose your peace as you search for the pet. Let this technology do the search for you.

A pet tracker helps you set a virtual fence for your pet. Once your pet strays away, the system will alert you on your mobile phone or computer. It will help locate the lost pet quickly.

The models named above are currently the top four pet trackers in the market. Choose your pet tracker based on your requirements. Buy one today to always ensure that your pet is at bay.

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