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Top Four Dog Collar Reviews

Dog collars are essential tools for dog owners. Not every dog will adhere to traditional training methods. Therefore, an electric dog collar will come in handy. It is safe to use, relatively cheap and humane. You will just need to do some basic level training with the dog collar.

Here are the four top rated dog collars and check their specifications.

1. Dogtra 1900 CNP Field Star

dog collar

This is a powerful ultra-compact e-collar best suited for entry level pet training. It caters for mild mannered or stubborn dogs. It is used for sports dog training and police K-9 dog training. It is suitable for middle to large size dogs.

The exact level of stimulation is displayed can be viewed on its LCD screen. The ability to see this on the screen is important in helping to control the stimulation levels. The different levels of stimulation are as follows:

• Constant: This gives you plenty of guidance and the power to correct.

• Nick: This is mild but motivating.

• Pager: This is non-stimulating or vibration feature.

There is a dial on the transmitter. It allows you to change the collar level even when working on the dog is in progress.

The LCD screen is designed to be used comfortably in dark and dim places. You will easily tell the battery level from its three bar indicator on the screen.

Key Features:

• Easy to use: This dog collar is user-friendly. You will be able to learn how to operate it fast.

• Fully waterproof: The collar/ transmitter and the receiver remain in good condition even when it gets into contact with water. Therefore, you will not be afraid to get rained on or get wet.

• Durable and credible transmitter: Its transmitter enables one to do manual transmissions. It gives the trainer excellent control. In this way, the owner has an upper hand over the pet therefore successfully managing it.

• Expandable collar: The ability to expand the collar allows one to train two dogs at the same time.

• Easily visible LCD screen: You will be able to see the stimulation levels even in dark and low light conditions.

• Durable battery life: It has rechargeable user-replaceable Ni-MH batteries. Its structure is within acceptable electrical limits. The LED colored indicator helps you to monitor the battery level. This way you can monitor the battery life and ensure you have enough charge for a whole training session.

• ½ mile range: The collar allows you ½ mile distance between you and your dog. The beauty of this is that you only use one transmitter to control two dogs.

• Comfort and beauty: The collar comes in different colors; blue, orange and green which are appealing. The collar is also not bulky, and so your dog will hardly notice that it has something around its neck.

• High stimulation output: High stimulation is safe for the dog. It also gives room for adequate training.

Other Features:

Limited lifetime warranty: The original purchaser has warranted a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. The cost of repair will be taken care of by the manufacturer for two years from the time of purchase. After this cover expires, all repairs will be charged depending on how intensive it is.

Qualifying for the limited lifetime warranty: For you to be eligible for the limited lifetime warranty, you need to register for the product purchase before 30 days elapse. After this period expires, you will not get refunds for any defective units. You will also not be able to receive any refunds after 30 days from purchase date.

2. Sportdog SD-425 Field Trainer

dog collar

This collar is best for bigger breeds and in particular for those that are hunting or training. It is designed for dogs 8 pounds and larger.

Key Features:

• A range of 500 yards: It allows you a safe distance between you and your dog during training.

• Expandable to serve three dogs: To do this, one needs to purchase extra SDR-AF Add-a-Dog collars.

• Different stimulation levels: It allows for seven small/medium stimulation levels as well as vibration and tone. The levels enable the trainer to regulate what correction intensity the pet will receive.

• Durable transmitter: It has an antenna that gives room for seven modes of operation. When starting out, you may not need to go past the second level. You do not want to shock your pet or confuse it.

• Waterproof: It is totally waterproof and can be in water 25 feet down without getting spoilt.

• Long battery life: it has rechargeable battery life making it durable and efficient. The battery has an estimated 40 to 80 hours depending on use.

3. Dogtra IQ

dog collar

This is perfect for small breeds.

Key Features:

• Designed for small pets: It has light collar/ receiver designed for smaller pets. It is light weight to serve little pets well.

• Stimulation levels: It has precise stimulation levels, 0-100 with a 400-yard range. It makes it possible to customize the intensity of your dog’s training.

• Vibration variation: It has Nick, constant and non-stimulating vibration modes.

• Rechargeable battery: The battery allows you to do a quick two-hour recharge.

• Splitter cable: The splitter cable enables the user to charge both devices were making it quickly ready for use.

• Waterproof: It is totally waterproof and has a water resistant transmitter. You do not need to worry when your pet gets wet in the rain or dives to swim.

4. Petsafe PDT00-13625 Elite

dog collar

Key Features:

Adjustable stimulation: It has 15 different levels of stimulation that are adjustable. It also has one beep level used for teaching commands and correcting behavior.

1000 yard range: The range makes it suitable for indoors and outdoors hiking and taking walks with your dog.

Waterproof: It is submersible up to 5 feet. It makes it suitable for all outdoor dog activities.

Multiple uses: You can have two additional collars sold separately and manage to train up to 2 dogs separately.

Points to Note

Introduce the collar gradually to the pet. Start by putting the collar for a few minutes. If the dog does not object, increase the time span. Treat the dog well each time it stays with the collar and put it back again. You could do this by patting it or speaking words of affection after every successful interval of wearing the collar.

In case your dog wanders away from home, a collar on its neck will help a well-wisher to have it bring the pet back home. A stray dog is easy to control when the collar is on its neck making it easy to handle.

Depending on what type of collar your pet wears, you can write your name and location. The label would be of great help if the dog owner needed to trace it. Such a tag could help save the life the pet or from totally losing it.

Some behaviors in our pets can be annoying. A dog could be barking chronically, therefore, becoming a nuisance to the neighbors. Other practices include digging the ground or trying to invade another person’s territory. In such instances, a collar comes to play to help correct such habits.

It is necessary to know how a dog collar works: Whenever the dog needs correction, the remote transmitter is used to send a signal to the receiver collar. The message gives vibration or a mild static stimulation alerting the dog that it has behaved inappropriately.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Dog Collar

When you go out to purchase your dog collar, consider your requirements and buy accordingly. Sometimes dog owners are afraid that a dog collar can strangle the pet. However, a well-fixed dog collar will not hang loosely. A dog owner should follow the manufacturer’s instruction when putting on the collar around the dog’s neck

Consider the neck size of the dog so that you purchase what is comfortable for the pet. A pet can also outgrow the collar it is wearing. Always slide your fingers between the pet and the collar to check if the collar is adjustable.

It is important to know the breed of your dog as it will dictate the collar the dog can use comfortably. Some dog breeds will not do well with some collar materials.

Advantages of a dog collar

A dog collar can help in correcting habits in your pet or for training on simple obedience. Some users have reported immediate results.

You can control your dog, for example, annoying barking habits even from far. You do not need to be physically near your pet to do this.

A dog collar is relatively cheaper than hiring a trainer.

Some cons to put in check:

The pet owner may not be able to face the pain the collar might have on the pet.

With collar training, the dog may end up fearing people or objects or anything they associate with the collar. Some dogs, for example, can refuse to go out and start urinating in the house.

Overcorrection can easily happen if you are not there to control the collar. It could end up confusing the pet.

Dog collar training does not have any positive reward when a pet corrects its behavior. It is not the same as when a trainer or pet owner speaks good words like “well done” to a pet that makes progress.

All in all, whatever collar you choose, do not use the wrong training method. It could damage your pet’s capabilities.


Dog collars are great to keep your dog in check. They help you to easily locate your dog and also to correct different habits. There are many types in the market. However, for the best experience, go for one of the top four dog collars above.

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