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Tips On The Best Adult Dog Food For Your Older Dog!

Best Adult Dog Foods

It is pretty exhilarating to watch dogs as they develop both in body and personality. As your dog grows into adulthood, height and weight will start to increase and their personality will be well established.

You will need to change its diet to an adult formula because an age-appropriate food will keep its body fit and maintain its overall health.

This transition varies by a lot of factors including the breed and size of your dog. Small breed dogs as said to mature physically way earlier than the large breed counterparts.

During the transition from puppy to adulthood, dog’s diet tend to change as their metabolism reduce. They eat less frequently than they use to, changing the dog’s diet will bring a great relief both to the dog and the owner.

This is because puppy food contains too many calories for dogs that are fully grown which can lead to unnecessary weight gain which can lead to obesity and other health related issues.

adult dog food

Changing Your Dog's Diet To The Best Adult Food

When changing your dog food to a high-quality adult food depends on the size of your dog as an adult. A study from petmd shows that some dogs are ready to switch to adult dog food before they really reach their full growth.

Take note of how frequent your dog is eating, if it is eating less puppy food, it may be that the food has many calories for the dog to handle, if you’re not sure, consult your vet. Different breeds of dogs reach maturity at a different age.

Small breed dogs weighing about 20 pounds or less when fully matured are ready to be fed adult food between 9 to 12 months of age. Medium breed dogs weighing between 20 and 50 pounds when fully grown are matured and ready to be fed adult food between 12 to 14 months of age.

Large breed dogs weighing more than 50 pounds when fully matured can be ready to be fed adult food when they are 12 to 24 months of age.

When changing to dog’s diet to an adult diet, take it slow and do not try to change its food in a day to avoid diarrhea or upsetting your dog’s intestinal tract, it also gives your dog some time to adjust. You can change the dog’s diet from a puppy diet to an adult food for a period of four days by mixing the two foods in your dog’s bowl.

You can feed your dog with a mixture of 75% puppy food and 25% adult food on the first day. On the next day, go with a 50/50 percent of puppy and adult food. The third day, however, feed your dog with a mixture of 75% adult food and 25% puppy food. From then onwards, you can now feed your dog a complete ration of the best adult dog food.

The choice between feeding your dog a dry, canned or semi-moist adult food should be totally dependent on how well your dog likes it as well as your pocket too.

The bottom-line is that whatever your decision is, make sure it contains high nutrients recommended for an adult dog wellbeing.

Major Ingredients For The Best Adult Food

The type of food an adult dog will need is an adult formula that contains more protein, vitamins and minerals, and fewer calories. The best ingredient an adult dog needs is protein from meat or meat meals which are higher in protein content than ordinary meat.

The protein contains what is needed for their energy and it is also an essential part of their growth and body repair. Another major ingredient an adult dog needs is vitamins which keep the dog healthy and fit and also minerals that work in every process of the dog’s wellbeing.

​Best Adult Dog Food Reviews

There are various forms of adult food for dogs which are appropriate for your dog, getting the best type of food will determine how happy and healthy your dog will be.

One of the features of the best dog food is that it must contain meat or meat meal as the primary ingredient and also be available in all forms to suit the different needs and digestive conditions of different dogs all over the world.

There are many brands one can choose from regarding adult dog food. Price is the determining factor in some cases but nothing good comes that cheap they say.

Here are some brands that are very good with good customer reviews and also with prices that worth it. The best part of it is that they contain highly nutritional ingredients that will make your dog go “woof”.

- Orijen Dog Food

The Orijen brand of dog foods has built their products on an ideology that preaches originality. This ideology requires that dogs eat as their primary ancestors did before the invention of processed dog foods, thereby making their brand very high in meat with multiple meat sources and no grains.

The quality of their ingredients is very remarkable as it contains seven meat sources of outstanding quality, natural fruits and vegetables, and lots of nutritional supplements that’s all natural.

The Orijen Dog Food are said to be made up of 40 percent fresh meat making it a unique dog food. It is a good adult dog food that any dog will love but a dog food of a great quality will always come with a great price but it is worth it at the end of the day.

- Taste of the Wild Dog Food

This brand of food meets the market demand for both premium natural dog food and grain-free foods with healthier constituents by featuring grain-free formulas that are made on what dogs would eat in the wild with high protein meals and nutrient rich fruits.

The food emphasizes highly digestible and a better tasting food with natural antioxidants needed to promote a healthy immune system in dogs. It is produced in four adult formulas available in dry and canned versions.

- Wellness Dog Food

Wellness Dog Food is a brand that also produce high-quality premium dog food. The company is said to use real meat, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and probiotics with no artificial ingredients or colors.

The dog food is made with an ideal balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates with no empty calories.

The Wellness Core line of dog foods offers a grain free, high protein diet with low carbohydrates. The Core line includes seven recipes that you can choose from.

The food is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. Even though the Wellness Dog Food is a little pricey, the product is well recommended for dog’s owners that want a premium grain free food because it is worth it at the end of the day.


As your dog journeys into adulthood, take note of its feeding habits, avoid junk foods and always check the ingredients of any adult food you choose to feed it.

Keep them slim even if they look like they want to eat all day, remember it is always quality and not quantity, so far they eat a high-quality adult food they will come out great.

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