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The Trusted Tagg Pet Tracker Review

According to a survey in the year 2015-2016 by the APPA National Pet Owners, 65% of U.S. households own a pet, equating to 79.7 million homes. The entire US population is representative of only 4.4% of the world population based on United Nations Population Division.

Imagine the number of pets in our homes, offices and shelters worldwide. How do pet owners keep track of their pets’ health and safety? This is where the Tagg pet tracker has been proven perfect for the job.

Tagg the Pet Tracker

It can be a daunting task for a pet owner who has embraced it as a member of their family to find their pet missing at the end of the day from work. Pets don’t speak and cannot contact their owners to let them know about their predicaments. The same way it would seem natural to track our phone locations in the occurrence of loss, pet owners would also want simpler methods of searching for their lost pets.

Going from house to house on a search is scarcely fun. Gladly there is no longer a valid reason to knock on other’s doorsteps seeking for assistance to this end, with this latter method having proven very ineffective in the past. A Tagg pet tracker offers diverse solutions to pet owners assuring them the peace of mind when it comes to these vulnerable moments.

The Tagg pet tracker is lightweight at 1.16 ounces and waterproof with 24/7 GPS capability. It is also linked to the largest wireless network, Verizon to help pet owners find their lost pets. The Tagg pet tracker is easily clipped onto an existing collar hence it is easy to set up.

Tagg Pet Tracker

The technology is based on defining “Tagg Zones” which are designated safe zones around the docking station which is located where you live and its environs. The docking station ensures that the tracker is charged to keep it in communication with the network; software updates can also be done through the docking station.

The power and battery offers up to 10 days of continuous use ensuring efficiency, saving time and money that would otherwise be used replacing used up batteries. The Tagg GPS tracker kit also gives pet owners access to a free smartphone mobile application for both Android and Apple mobile users. Pet owners activate their tracker and are able to set the zones using the application.

For every time the pet leaves these zones, within 2-3 minutes, the owner receives alerts via an email and text message from which the pet’s location can be quickly verified on a map. Tagg the pet tracker also monitors the pet’s exercise level.

Veterinarians vouch for an exercise level for dogs of between 30-60 minutes daily. Depending on their breed and age, there is a recommended activity level for pets and this can easily be monitored remotely using the Tagg dog tracker. This information is optionally shared with the vet during scheduled check-up visits. The collected information can be stored up to 12 months with the owner having the liberty to analyze the activity levels of their pet cumulatively over 3 months or so.

The Tagg GPS pet tracker will monitor the pet’s activity levels on a continuous basis. These levels include resting, lightly active, moderately active and highly active. The owner can easily set goals for their pet’s exercise regime through the application.

The pet owner can also log meals and add medication reminders that other caretakers can use to be updated on the pet’s nutrition needs and their current health. This will ensure that even in the owner’s absence, the pet is still well taken care of because they are supplied with relevant information necessary for adequate care of the pets.

Dogs are known to wander away from their safe zones frequently and even while tied to a leash, they could easily run off towards a possible threat and disentangle themselves from the secure arms of the owner. It may quickly escalate into a life and death situation whose consequences would easily be averted using the Tagg GPS dog tracker.

The Tagg pet tracker is constantly being updated to meet the needs of pet owners. It currently has a temperature risk sensor used to detect whether the dog is hot or cold e.g. when the dog is left inside a car during winter, they might easily freeze while inside. The owner will receive notifications on the temperature early enough to help the owner mitigate any adverse effects on their dog.

The Tagg GPS tracker once purchased is offered with 3 months of free service ensuring that owners have a good time of trial with the product as they test its actual capabilities and how it works for them. It has been proven to be durable with it staying on the pet even while they are in water.

Advantages of the Tagg Pet Tracker

  • · Easy setup: The system is very easy to setup for first-time users. This makes it easily adoptable with no much need for initial user support.
  • · User-friendly smartphone application: The mobile application is easy to use and accessible on iPhone and Android phones. Through it, users can track their pets’ activity, health and location from whatever location they are in.
  • · Widely usable by different pets: Tagg the pet tracker is multifunctional in the pet community and serves many different pets – cats, tortoise, cows or dogs.
  • · Long battery life: GPS uses up a lot of power. The GPS functionality is only activated once the pet leaves the designated safe zone. Before that, the docking station is used to calculate the location of the pet. This ensures that the Tagg GPS tracker has a long battery life. A full recharge of this battery only takes one hour.
  • · Accuracy in map location: The Tagg Dog tracker is very accurate in detecting the lost pet’s location.
  • · Affordability: The Tagg tracker is quite affordable yet it offers much more than pet owners bargain for. Currently retailing at $79.95 and monthly service plans range between $6.95-$9.95; there is also an option for subsidized cost of yearly subscription of $100 only – Tagg Pet Trackers are priced with the customer in mind. If a pet owner would do the search manually it would cost them even much more even for only one search.
  • · Alerts: Different from other similar products, Tagg trackers send alerts to their users when pets are outside their “Tagg Zones” using text messages and emails. These alerts are real-time and therefore will notify the owner of the pet of relevant tracking information.
  • · Unlimited Reach: Since it is tied to Verizon network, there is no limit to finding a pet that has gone far from their safe zones. The docking station will trace the nearest base station to where the pet has been seen and identify their current location based on that.

Drawbacks of the Tagg Pet Tracker

  • · Bulky for smaller dogs: While it fits most of the pets’ current collars, the Tagg GPS dog collar is not suitable for dogs under 10lbs (4.5kgs). This is because it could be bulky for them and therefore may fall off and even gets lost if without sufficient charge.
  • · Coverage by Verizon in the area: Pet owners need to be certain that the Verizon mobile network has coverage in their vicinity. Otherwise, it is impossible to operate Tagg the pet tracker.
  • · Not supported outside the US: Verizon mobile network is only available in the US. As such other countries are not supported and so the tracker is not usable outside of the US.
  • · Tracking system is not on active mode: Users have to setup the ‘start tracking feature’ on their mobile applications in order to view their lost pet’s location. The GPS feature only starts working once this is in place.
  • · Lag time before receiving notification when out of safe zone: For some the 2-3 minutes delay before they are notified of a pet that has left their safe zone, is too much time taken to notify them of an emergency.


The Tagg pet tracker is an invaluable necessity when a pet has strayed far away from home. It is relevant because of its GPS functionality coupled with wireless connectivity. Real-time accurate updates via the phone or computer ensure that pet owners have access to the location of their lost pets, just minutes after they have stepped out of their safe zones.

The cost of the Tagg GPS tracker while it has been rated as pricey exceeds in performance and therefore is worth every cent. Its features include tracking pets, temperature risk sensor, activity logs and monitoring the health of the pets. Recently in January 2015, the Tagg family was acquired by their counterparts in the dog industry, Whistle.

They needed to incorporate a GPS product to their brand. Their main market was towards monitoring activity of the pets and this functionality was added to the Tagg devices. This has enabled the Tagg pet trackers to widen its reach to many more households in the US. With such technology right in the pet owner’s fingertips, their vision to prevent the 10 million pets lost annually is becoming a reality.

Pets that were once unsafe in times past are now secure in all facets of their existence, both now and for posterity’s sake.

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