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What You Need to Know About the GPS Dog Collar

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a tracking device technology used to track the location of an entity remotely. The GPS dog collar technology points out the longitude, latitude, ground speed, and the course direction of the dog.

The device works by being attached to the animal it is supposed to track. It determines its carrier’s location in intervals. The method allows the display of the site against a map on a smartphone or computer.

When you have a dog for a pet, you will need the peace that comes with knowing that your pet is always within your reach.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Dog Collar is a collar that gives actual location of the dog in intervals. The dog wears it around the neck. The app shows where the pet is on the owner’s laptop or smartphone in real time.

When you consider the dollars you will need to use to purchase a GPS dog collar, it may seem expensive. However, there are things to consider when making this decision. When your pet goes missing, you will need to pay a huge fee to the shelters to bring your dog back home. You will also pay a penalty fee for having a loose dog. The collar in this sense becomes the cheaper option.

GPS dog collar is not only essential for tracking the whereabouts of your pet. It monitors how active your dog is using its Activity Monitor technology. It records the time the pet spends resting (staying still but not asleep) and the time it takes sleeping. The data records help in keeping the pet’s health trends in check. It also detects when your pet stays in one spot for too long. That could mean they are hurt or sick. It gives you the ability to take the right measures promptly.

The collar is also physically safer than a chip. The fact that it does not go under the skin like the chip is an added advantage. In some cases, the microchip could cause inflammation or infection in your dog’s body.

GPS collar for dogs come in handy for the pet owners. A dog will not mean to leave your safe zone, but it might just happen. They could go through some hole in the fence and speedily take off. If they fail to trace their way back, you may spend endless anxious hours searching for your pet.

They come in different weights. Some of them work well for small dogs and others for bigger ones. If you are not too sure of the weight your dog can handle, check with the vet.

Things to consider when buying GPS Collar for dogs:

  • Safe Zones: Buy a dog collar that allows you to set safe zones. Safe areas are the regions you consider safe for your pet. They are the places you do not want your dog to go beyond. The settings on your app reflect data on your smartphone or laptop. You will be able to receive notification if your dog wanders away.
  • GPS Collar Range: It is important to note how far your dog goes away from home when they do. Sometimes they will just go to the neighborhood and trace their way back. The dog collar GPS allows you to set how far they can wander away and when you should be getting a notification. Check for a pet tracker that allows the range you desire. This feature also keeps a history of the places your pet mostly visits.
  • GPS for Dogs: Dog activity is a technology you will find to be critical. Choose a device that allows you to view the activity trends of your dog. If your dog is very active and perhaps they love water, you will need to go for a waterproof and swim proof device. Some devices come with the ability to sense the temperatures of your pet.

Types of dog collars

Dog collars are not only safe but stylish. There is a broad range of devices to choose from:

  • Leather Collars: They give the pet a classy, sharp look. A plain leather collar is sleek and stylish and looks great on a well-groomed pet. Spiked leather gives a male dog that fierce look. One that has sparkly things makes a female dog look a stylish look.
  • Nylon Collars: It is very fashionable. It is durable, and you can get a different range of designs. You can use your message on them. For example, you can label it as “Tough Mister”, or “Spoilt Miss”.

Do not just go for style when you go out to purchase your pet’s collar. Choose one that will be durable and can be used to display the details of your pet. You might, for example, need to show the vaccination details of your pet.

Whistle dog tracker

The Whistle Dog Tracker is a sleek on collar device used to track your dog in real time. It allows you to set safe zones for your dog. When your pet leaves these designated areas, you will be alerted on your smartphone.

It uses breakthrough GPS and cellular technology to track your pet. It has an advantage over the microchip devices because it traces your pet in minutes. A microchip device will require that one finds your pet takes it to the vet, and the data on the chip verified. This process can take days and so the GPS device has an upper hand.

gps dog collar

Whistle uses a service plan. The device uses the cellular network to give a real-time location of your pet. You pay for the service plans on a monthly basis. Those who choose to pay annually get a discount on the same. You can also opt to pay every two years. You will need to activate the pre-paid, or free service plans must be within 12 months of purchase.

The tracker comes with an attachment piece. The gadget is used directly on the pet’s collar or harness. The app will alert you when the device needs charging. At this point, you will quickly detach the tracker and recharge it.

The tracker is waterproof. Your pet can dive in water or swim or get rained on, and the device remains intact. The device can survive through mud and snow. It is designed to go anywhere with your pet.

Its battery is durable. It can go for ten days depending on use, without being recharged. Ensure the battery is connected to the right base station for it to charge properly. The app is useful in helping you check for the battery settings.

The Whistle app is free to download. You can connect every caregiver of your pet to the app. You will have more than one person checking on the well-being of your pet.

For best results with Whistle, ensure you are using only the original Whistle GPS equipment. The equipment includes power adapter and cables.

Be sure that the Page Function is working correctly. The page will not only help in keeping track with your pet but also by indicating if the tracker is within the safe power range.

Whistle Dog Tracker fits different dog sizes. It can serve well the pets above 10lbs. However, if your pet is smaller than that and not too sensitive with what goes round its neck, then you can give Whistle Tracker a try.

The manufacturer offers you a 30-day warranty on the device. You can have your money refunded if you do not want a replacement. The offer is only for those that purchase the device through Whistle Web Store.

Whistle dog tracker is only available within the United States of America.

Benefits of a GPS Dog Collar:

  • You will find your pet whenever it wanders away in minutes. You are guaranteed to find it before it enters a shelter where you would then have to pay several dollars to get it back.
  • Whenever necessary, you will know where your pet is.
  • They have a wider range than the microchip trackers. Even if your dog is athletic and energetic, you will still find it using the GPS technology.
  • By using the GPS technology, you will not impose any pain on your pet since there is no insertion under the skin.
  • You will customize your personal technology to keep your pet safe.
  • It is cheaper compared to other alternatives when your pet gets lost. For example, shelters will be very expensive.
  • It saves you the emotional torture of physically searching for your faithful friend when they wander away. You will not need to whistle or ask around. All you need is to check the details on your smartphone.
  • It helps you keep track of the health trends of your pet.

Particular dog track apps offer the owners more than just monitor location. Some apps will allow for Google Maps to show. It allows the owner to know exactly how to follow their lost pet. Other apps offer social networking options. You can use the options to network with other canine companions.


What every pet owner wants by the end of the day is a happy and healthy pet. To keep your faithful companion safe and healthy, make the best choice on the GPS dog collar. You will be happy and at ease when you make the best decision.

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