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Incredible Tips on Choosing The Right GPS tracker

GPS is an acronym for global positioning systems. It is the technology built on space using a navigational structure operating on satellite information. The satellite processes the signals emitted by the GPS and is read via hand held devices such as smart phones. The signals give the exact location of whatever it is that is being tracked.

A GPS tracker is a device in which the technology is disbursed. The designs and shapes vary according to the item to which it is to be attached. It is attached to a moving carrier being monitored to verify and track the exact position at intervals.

right gps tracker

Questions to ask when choosing a tracking device

There are many types of tracking devices in the market nowadays. To choose the correct type of tracking device, one needs to ask themselves the following questions:-

· What is it that needs to be tracked?

· If it is a pet, what is its size?

· Are there extra features that are required apart from the Tracking for example, the activity levels of the pet?

· Is it affordable?

· Is it durable?

The questions above will narrow one down to specific options depending on the needs and requirements of the user. It will also assist in putting into focus value for money.

Types of GPS enabled tracking devices, its advantages and disadvantages

GPS trace

This is a personalized tracking device suitable for the whole family. It gives accurate locations for pets, family members or vehicles. It operates on a mobile platform and uses a single account to connect to up to five devices. This can essentially cover the entire family.

The interface used is friendly with easy to understand functions while offering stable operations. This allows children and the elderly to enjoy the service.

In case a loss of connection occurs, it provides email alerts as to the locations of those who were enlisted. It also provides online notifications as and when it is required. The alerts specifying the frequency are set up during the enrollment of the account.

In case a family member is involved in speed limit violations or accidents, notifications and alerts are sent out to those concerned.

Another benefit to this is that it is a free application therefore becoming cheap in the long run. One can also share locations with friends on social media making socializing easy and fun eliminating expensive calls. It is a versatile app that supports up to 700 GPS hardware categories.

GPS Trace is an excellent feature integrated with mapping ensuring that features on the map like parking lots, recreation areas and others not missed.

Whistle GPS

It is a tracking device specifically for pets of all size using an all in one mobile application depending on a reliable mobile network. It is used for pets like dogs and has the ability to check location and movement. If a pet moves out of its designated zone, alerts are sent out through the mobile phone. It is worn on the collar of the pet and uses a battery which requires charging.

Its benefits are is that it uses cellular technology which is fast, accurate and free. It will take only the touch of a button to locate a pet. Another plus is its weather proof characteristic which enables it to withstand most of the elements. Activity based goals can be created for your pet with whistle GPS. This enables the owner to understand the behavioral traits which could lead to early detection and diagnosis of potential problems. It also assists in setting up fitness programs for the pet in the case where the pet suspected to be facing minimal activity.

The disadvantage is that the battery has to be recharged often and that it is dependent on mobile technology, meaning that mobile network has to be steady at all times. It is currently available only in the United States, therefore movement outside the country will cause the device to cease functioning.

GPS microchip

These are radio frequency identification implants inserted under the skin of a pet. It comes as a preloaded sterile capsule injected between the shoulder blades in a simple painless procedure. It should be administered by a qualified vet to avoid infections which could cause more problems.

The advantage is that it does not require a battery and is a permanent application which cannot be reversed In case of theft, the scanning technique will easily tell apart the real owner from the fake since the chip with the details are permanently fixed and cannot be altered. It is a cheap once off procedure requiring no monthly subscriptions. It also does not require advanced telephone equipment since it does not rely on mobile platforms.

The downside is that if the pet strays, it not easily located since it requires a compatible scanner to read the chip details. Stray animal shelters are normally equipped with scanners for this function, however, a shelter could have a scanner that is not synchronized with the chip. This means that the scanner will be incapable of reading the particular microchip. This will mean that the identification of the pet will be delayed agonizing both the pet and the owner.

It could also be possible that the pet is just a few blocks away from the owner but will not be reunited until a scanner is used to identify it. The owner will have to search for the pet through other means even if the pet has been found elsewhere because there is no other way to determine the owner.

Some countries have made it a rule to have all dogs micro chipped for the purpose of controlling the stray dogs. Stray pets will easily be identified through the scanning technology and reunited with the owners.

Tagg GPS

It is ideal for pets like dogs in an area where they are not leashed or not in a restricted area. It uses the GPS technology on mobile platforms.

Setting up Tagg GPS takes about 20 minutes and is done exclusively online. Specifics like the Tagg’s serial number and pet details are captured and stored. Alerts are set up and a designate home tracking zone is defined. The number of alerts one receives is dependent on the requests done during the set up. Adjustments to the settings can be done after the initial setting to suit ones needs.

Alerts are sent to the mobile phone registered with when the pet strays outside the designated zone. The user has the option of activating the tracking mode whenever they want to receive instant results about the location of the pet.

Tagg GPS tracker also doubles up as an activity trailer giving the owner the exact activity levels that the pet engages in. This can be a useful indicator of the health of the pet. It will assist in planning the pet exercises to the required levels.

It is worn on the collar and uses a built in battery that gives a reminder alert when it needs recharging.

The downside of the Tagg GPS is the cost. Its initial cost is quite high. Monthly billings dictated by the number of requested alerts raises the cost of operating the Tagg GPS making it more expensive.

The upside of the device is its speed in responding to alerts and its accuracy in locating the pet.

GPS location

GPS location is a great way to determine the locality of an item, pet, family member or asset. The precise nature of GPS makes it the undisputed instrument which modern technology has coined.

GPS location tracker trails the position of devices quietly and periodically records its locations before transferring it into a secure server and finally directs it to a hand held device such as a phone.

GPS location is important in securing lives and property. Stolen items are easily recovered because of the accuracy of GPS location. Pets fitted with GPS location are easily regained because the signals are sent on real time. This is unlike the chip, where a scanner would be required to read the details.


Ensuring the safety of your pets, family members and assets is no longer a far-fetched idea. Its practicality has been brought about by technologies and innovations refined by continuous improvements.

It is now possible to track pets with a simple gadget and locate them as and when it is necessary. The bonus point is that the health status and the levels of activity can also be ascertained at the touch of a button. This could be a deciding factor in the life of the pet since early detection of any problem can easily be corrected by calling in a vet.

Family members can stay safe in the knowledge that they can reach out for help at any time at the touch of a button. This can be in situations like accidents, over speeding or maybe even an attack. A signal of distress can be sounded and the rest of the members can get the alerts and get into action.

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