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Getting Smart With The Best Waterproof Dog Jackets!

What are Waterproof Dog Jackets?

Rainy and snowy days aren't exactly the best days to take your dog for a walk. However, the best waterproof dog jackets also happen to be cold weather proof, as they shield your dog from getting wet, and prepare you both for winter.

This might seem a little unnecessary only if you haven’t had a dog for too long, however, seeing your pooch snug in the warmth of the jacket brings you more calm about his health.

The best Waterproof dog jackets don’t just shield your dog from water, some of the other benefits include;

dog waterproof jacket

Health Benefits Of The Best Waterproof Dog Jackets

Cold chills:

Dogs are prone to catching a chill, and can become very uncomfortable, right through to their bones, if they are left cold and damp for long periods. Their hair takes a lot longer to dry out than the skin, so if he gets soaked through, he’ll end up being cold and miserable for a long time.

The best waterproof dog jackets keep out moisture and ensure that your dog stays warm.

Like most accessories, the health benefits are the priority and the major reason why they are made. The best Waterproof dog jackets are also somewhat airtight and serve so many other purposes in cases like;

Keeps less functional dogs in good shape:

Older dogs who suffer from achy joints and joint diseases may benefit especially from a good, warm, waterproof dog jacket in the windy and often incredibly wet rainy weather.

The best waterproof dog jacket can help keep the actual damp from settling within and making him much more uncomfortable.

Prevention from Matting:

Some of the longer hair varieties of dogs tend to suffer from matting in their fur when they are constantly getting wet. Protecting them with the best waterproof dog jacket could reduce this happening and save an uncomfortable experience for the dog in trying to remove that matting.

Keeps the home clean and dried out

Your pet may not really mind getting wet whenever you take him for a stroll out on a showery day, but once he’s back inside he’ll be getting all that dampness all over your home with a great big shake in the center of your family room, splattering all over your clean sofas or rolling around on your carpet.

The alternative though is, of course, keeping him outside in the garage or boot room until his coat is actually dry.

The easiest method to avoid the actual wet tremble would be to cover their fur with a nice, waterproof cover.

The alternative: shutting the poor pup out in the garage till he dries off naturally. In any case, getting the best waterproof dog jacket for your dog actually benefits you more than the dog.

Whether you’re motivated by protecting your sofa, keeping your dog safe and warm, or simply because you think your fluffy best friend will look adorable in the best waterproof dog jacket or all of the above, you can be sure to find one that fit your needs.

These jackets are becoming increasingly popular and you’ll find them in all shapes, sizes and colours to buy online or in specialist shops. Shop around and you’ll soon find the waterproof jacket for your canine companion.

Tips For Choosing The Best Waterproof Dog Jacket For Your Dog.

Choosing the best waterproof dog jackets that best suit your furry friend's needs is essential. Your choice is likely to be influenced by price, fit and personal taste and where and when you plan to wear the jacket on your dog.

It's always advisable to take your pets along to make the purchase easier by asking for advice there.


Waterproof dog jackets that are light in weight are a stellar choice for your dogs. Choosing a lightweight dog jacket does the job of protection and doesn't feel heavy on your pet’s body. Lightweight dog jackets are highly packable and easy to throw in a bag or backpack.


A decent waterproof jacket should have an effective watertight membrane or a water-repelling wax coating. The garment should be close-sewn throughout, without any gaps that will allow water to penetrate.


Choose a waterproof dog jacket whose design covers the whole of the dog’s body, leaving the legs, tail and head free of course but also completely covering the back. Also, make sure that the design isn't entirely rigid that it looks like you just put a tarpaulin over your dog's body. Put dog fashion into consideration. This ensures all important areas are protected.


Get a waterproof dog jacket that incorporates a reflective element. This is an important consideration if you walk your dog in areas of traffic. Visibility can be limited during rainy and snowy days. Reflective jackets can help you and your pet is seen during times of limited visibility.


A quality waterproof dog jacket needs to fit properly. If too tight it can interfere with breathing and free movement and cause sores and itching. If too loose, the legs can get caught up in it or it can slip over the head and impede vision.

Take an accurate measurement of your dog's body leaving room for small errors in case of incorrect measurements.


Lined jackets offer great protection from the elements and also offer a bit more warmth. Any kind of inner lining will help trap heat to keep your dog warm when it’s very cold and wet.

The best waterproof dog jackets are a fine blend of these qualities, at affordable prices. Some of the wearables that fall under this category and are worthy of mention are briefly reviewed below.

Best Waterproof Dog Jackets - Reviews

The Ultra Paws Dog winter coats

This brand of jackets checklists all the qualities of a good waterproof dog jacket as they are made from machine washable materials and require no major hassle to wipe dirt off them,

The Ultra Paws Dog winter coat is a high-end coat with a warm fiberfill linen covered with soft fleece, keeping the moisture out while you dog enjoy the warmth it provides.

Its adjustable turtle neck setting makes it accommodative of different breeds of dogs, with a generous opening for leash attachment to reduce the complexity of the accessories your pooch has on per time.

Your dog can get just enough protection as the jacket extends to cover the chest and towards the base of the tail for full coverage.

The product is available in Red/Black or Yellow/Black and comes in eight different sizes ranging from petite to larger sizes.

Ruffwear Aira Rain Jacket:

Another product that gets our recommendation is the Ruffwear Aira™ Rain Jacket. It passes all the criteria that qualify a jacket as great and renders it usable to dog owners. This jacket is a full coverage, waterproof and versatile rain jacket built for the trail.

Waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric extends adventures during inclement weather, keeping your dog protected from the elements. Non-insulated design allows for use in warm climates and can be worn over insulating layers for cold climates.

The Ruffwear Aira™ Rain Jacket covers your dog shoulders, hips, and hindquarters. It maximises protection and minimizes wet muddy dog cleanups. The incorporation of leg loops provides a secure fit in windy conditions.

Integrated leash portal allows leash attachment when worn over their Front Range™ or Web Master™ Harnesses. Autolock buckles on each side secure the jacket during activity and provide easy on/off. Its key features include:


Irrespective of our recommendations, the features that describe the best waterproof dog jackets as explained earlier in this post should be enough guide to making the right choice for your dog.

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