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Getting The Best Dog Hoodies For Your Dog

Dog Hoodies

Over the years, fashion has evolved and taken deep roots in our personal lives. However, it hasn’t stopped there.

Ever imagine if your Dog could look smart or cool like the Policemen or the party rockers? Taking pictures with them while they add more cuteness to the shot? They look so darn cute….don’t they?

Well, there’s more to the use of dog hoodies than fashion. Just like our clothes, no matter how fashionable they look, they have basic benefits that justify the core reasons of fabric wears.

Why should you get dog hoodies for your dog?

​Protection from harsh weather conditions:

Most dogs love to cuddle and stay warm during the winter. However, at night its highly unlikely that they find a cuddle mate to keep them warm. Dog hoodies like our clothes are designed to help dogs get through harsh weather conditions without you needing to put in extra effort for their survival.

If you think the hair on their body protects them from this, then you probably haven’t had a dog for long. Some dogs have thicker furs than the others, depending on how they’ve evolved. For example, if you own a dachshund, any of the terrier species or light weight dogs, it should take much to convince you.

Also, if you’ve seen a dog shiver violently after exposure to intense cold temperature especially in places like Alaska, Minnesota, or even Wisconsin, you definitely won ignore the many benefits that dog hoodies can provide.

Even if you don’t reside in areas with crazy weather conditions, some health related diseases like the canine influenza, the chances of puppies as well as older dogs getting infected are about 100%, seeing as more than half the dogs in the US haven’t been vaccinated.

​Dog hoodies help minimize mess from hair loss:

Hair loss in dogs is a really common condition that your dog can’t possibly miss throughout his lifetime. They mostly occur as a result of allergies or bites from fleas. They last a minimum of a month, and can last for close to a year depending on your dog’s breed and coat type.

During this phase, you would find fallen hair from your dog all over the place, including your couch… or even worse, your clothes.. or body.

Dog hoodies can help you contain this. When they shed their fur on their dog hoodies, all you would need at that point is a proper dry cleaning and careful disposal of the fallen hair.

Dog hoodies reduce the amount of loose hair and dander around your home, thereby helping you control allergies in your pet or even prevent you from suffering from some human related allergy, depending on your body.

While you could try other methods of controlling loose hair like treatments, dog hoodies would come in handy as a fail-safe when other control measures prove insufficient.

​Protection from insects like ticks and fleas:

The soft, warm fur of dogs provides the perfect environment for fleas and ticks. These insects feed on your pet’s blood and can cause health problems ranging from allergic reactions to serious tick-borne illnesses and in rare cases death.

These insects are more common during the warmer months which is the time many dogs love to take a walk and bask in the afternoon sun getting susceptible to infestation by these insects.

Scary right?...well, fear no more because dog hoodies can rectify the situation...they provide adequate cover and protection from pestering bugs like the fleas and ticks.

Dog hoodies can also be used to help protect a dog who is excessively scratching itself due to allergies or prevent hairless dogs from getting sunburned.

dog hoodies

​As fashion accessories:

Dogs have always been subject to fashion as far back as 1961, following Disney’s 101 Dalmatians; pet buyers have been swayed by what they’ve seen on the big screen.... dog hoodies gives you the opportunity to get in with the trend without being extravagant.

Now imagine yourself a superhero like Batman and your pet companion complementing you as right? All these and more can be made possible with the use of dog hoodies.

You also never get to be scared of this fashion accessory falling out of favor because dog hoodies have more primary uses than for fashion.

​Dog hoodies help to improve your dog’s hygiene:

Those who don't like to put their dogs on leash but like to allow them to venture out into the streets are susceptible to harbor dirt in their homes when their dogs bring home souvenirs like specks of dirt or muds on their body. Dirt can cling to the bodies of these dogs and fall off when the dogs get within the confines of the home.

I don't have to say how unhygienic this is or how stressful it can be cleaning up after the dog. Dog hoodies to the rescue once again…get it on your dog's body and let it do the rest. It keeps dirt away from the dog's fur and all you need to do is clean the hoodie properly when due.... easy right?


Although, the American pet association has warned that dogs should not be dolled up in costumes which can leave them unable to express themselves as well as scared and worried about the unfamiliar garb. They caution that clothing can be distressing for dogs and leave them unable to communicate properly...well, nothing to worry about here because dog hoodies are very simple in layout and design.

Dog hoodies have a stylish range, very comfortable and designed to ensure there are no movement restrictions. They are available in different styles with short or long sleeves as well as a sleeveless tank top for use during warmer weather.

Dogs have become increasingly important and treated as unique individuals. In a world where people are increasingly disconnected from their families they rely more on their pets, specifically, dogs, to fill emotional voids... rightly so, those four legged furry creatures have proven to be loyal to their owners.

They have become a relatively easy and lovable replacement for children or a strong community. Dogs are treated as if they were extensions of their owners’ human selves. It's only logical and considerate if we make them as comfortable as humans regardless of the environment, weather and seasons... there is no such thing as too much dog hoodies or Huggies.

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