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Get To Know The Best Dog Doorbell For Your Dog!

Dogs are adorable companions, no doubt about that and that’s why you need to get them the best dog accessories to make their stay with you more worthy and fun. 

​We really shouldn't ignore the similarities that exist between we humans and dogs, as they have tendenciously been smarter of late. Training your dog to use a dog bell is another level of smartness that you would appreciate very much.

Nobody likes his dog being messy and that’s why potty training is in order. Training a new dog can be an overwhelming task but a dog doorbell is an excellent device to help you especially in a potty training situation.

The dog doorbell is designed in such a way that they can help your dog alert you whenever they need to go out without scratching the door or hurting themselves when doing so.

By getting the best dog doorbell for your dog, you also eliminate the uncivilized conduct like scratching of door or barking when your dog needs your attention and you also use one of the best dog training techniques used in potty training.

Dogs learn really fast and teaching them how to use the dog doorbell is a piece of cake so take out the stress of potty training of your dog by getting him one of the best dog doorbell.

best dog doorbell

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dog Doorbell

When getting the best dog doorbell for your pet, some few things are put into consideration.

- Type of material

There are many types of dog doorbell out there made with different types of material, there are also different forms of dog doorbell, some are designed to be stuck to your door while others are built to hang from your doorknob or handle. Get one with the best material that will be easier for you to maintain and last very long.

- Ease of use by your dog

The only reason why your dog will be more consistent in using the doorbell is if it is easy for him to use. Always check to see how easily accessible it will be for your dog, if the dog doorbell is the not sticky type, make sure it is not too heavy for the dog to handle.

- Sound of the doorbell

You are planning to get the best dog doorbell for your pooch to alert you when it wants to go out, so the sound of the doorbell is necessary, it should be loud enough for you to hear if you are in another room in the house. Some products have more than one sounds in which you can choose from as this helps you to set the level of sound intensity that is comfortable with you.

- How safe is it

Your pet’s safety should always be the first priority. The dog doorbell should not in any way hinder the safety of your dog or anyone in your household. It should be made from very good materials that will also not distort the look of your door especially the sticky ones. Most users complain that some products took off the paint/color from their door. Go for the best ones with high-quality standards so as to give the worth of your buy.

- Quality over price

The best quality products always come at a great price, never opt for the cheap ones as the best quality dog doorbell would be worth it at the end of the day. The best dog doorbell is covered with at least one year warranty, this is to indicate the level of confidence the manufacturers have in the quality of their product and it also gives reassurance to you when procuring it.

What You Gain By Using The Best Dog Doorbell

The best dog doorbells are solidly built and are not easily damaged by your dog. They are easily designed in a way that your pooch will find it much easy to use by just pressing a button when he needs to take a walk outside.

The best dog doorbell protects your door from being scratched and also protects your dog from being hurt from scratching just to get your attention. By using the best dog doorbell, you eliminate the need of cleaning up your house as you teach your dog how to potty with ease.

Where To Place Your Dog Doorbell

Your doggie doorbell can be placed on the floor near the door, hung from the doorknob or stuck to the door for easy accessibility by your dog. With just a press you will be alerted, this helps to eliminate accidents and mess that can occur and it also encourages communication between you and your dog during potty training.

How To Bell Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog how to use a bell is pretty easy, just try the following steps below.

Start by showing your dog the doorbell, when he touches it, give him a treat and put the dog doorbell away when not in use. Hang the bell by the door and show it to him, give him a treat when he rings it. Later on, let him watch you as you put the treat outside the door and let him ring the doorbell before you let him gain access to the treat and leave the doorbell by the door after that.

Next time you think he wants to go to the potty, go with him to the door and show him the bell. When he rings it, let him out and reward him a treat when he’s done. Every time you let him out to potty allow him to ring the bell and give him a treat when he finishes and that’s just the simplest way to teach your dog how to use a dog bell to potty.

Our Choice Of The Best Dog Doorbells

Here are some of the best dog doorbells with very high positive reviews from customers that have used them. They are one of the best buys you can get in no particular order.

Potty Bells Housetraining Dog Doorbells

Potty Bells Housetraining Dog Doorbells by Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. is one of the best doggie doorbells out there. It features an extra loud bell which is said to be the loudest dog doorbell available in the market today. It is very easy for you and your dog to use as it can hang on any doorknob or handle. It is suitable for small, medium and large breed dogs and is covered with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell is very popular and one of the best doggie doorbell in the market. It is easy to install and features a built-in treat holder which makes potty training easy and fun for your dog. It is weather proof and comes with 36 different tunes to select from which you can use to set the output music frequency as you like. The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell is considered a great buy for your dog as you are going to love it.

Primal Pet Gear Dog Bells

Primal Pet Gear Dog Bells earned its reputation as one of the best dog doorbells in the market as it is built to the highest quality standards. The doggie doorbell is made from heavy duty nylon material which makes it last longer than most alternatives. It features and ergonomic design that allows you adjust the length of the bell depending on the size of your dog. It is covered by one year warranty and will be worth the price if you get it for your dog.

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