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Garmin dog collars: A Must-Have for All Dog Owners

Garmin dog collars are a range of products manufactured by Garmin, the American multinational technology company based in Switzerland. They come with a variety of functionalities. You can get excellent products from this company ranging from a dog collar to a whistle for dogs. Name it.

Training Garmin dog collars are designed for coaching in order to achieve behavior change. They are attached to a device which is remote controlled by a hand held device. Trainers can impart your dog with amazing skills such as jumping, sitting and potty training. Positive behaviors are reinforced while the negative behaviors like barking and digging are discouraged.

It is important that a qualified trainer handles the dog training to avoid conflicting instructions which would end up confusing the dog leading to more harm than good. Remote collar correction training should be able to change the dog’s behavior to a desired one. Wrong punishment meted to the dog can give completely wrong results which might forever ruin the dog’s capacity to learn. The desired behavior in this case will not be achieved leading to a frustrated dog owner.

Choosing the Right Collar for your Dog

Garmin dog collar sizes depends on the size of the dog. Some are big while others are small. Small and lightweight dog collars are most appropriate for puppies and the small variety dogs. This makes them effective and efficient and reduces injuries. It also allows for the free movement of the canine.

As the puppies grow, there comes the need to increase the size of the collar. There should always be some space between the collar and the neck. It is recommended that two fingers easily slide in between the dog neck and the collar as a safety measure. This will prevent incidences like choking and failure to breathe which can cause death to the dog.

best dog bark collars

The type of breed will dictate the collar to use on the dog. Some breeds like the Yorkshire Terriers have delicate trachea which can easily be broken by very tight collars or one which allows when sudden pressure to be applied.

The extremities of dog behavior is a factor to consider when choosing the right collar for the dog. Some dogs are very stubborn and hard to train. There are some special collars that can be used to reign in behavior, such as the inward pronged collar for behavioral correction. It should be noted that such extreme collar handling is used only when all the other training collars have failed.

Dog harnesses which cover the necks and shoulders of the dog and spreads the weight of the leash pull is recommended for dogs which have upper respiratory diseases or have infections of the throat or a collapsed trachea.

Other factors to consider are the design which is an aesthetic consideration which only the buyer would have bias for. Price is also needs to be considered since they come in different prices.

Garmin dog collars are considered durable, however, some are deemed longer lasting than others. The buyer needs to be aware of this factor when it comes to final decision purchase.

Why you should consider using a Dog Locator

You have a great dog which you have trained perfectly well. How do you locate it when you want to? Do you have absolute control over it even when you are away? Dou you know what it has been doing during your absence? What if there is an emergency affecting the dog?

These are questions best answered with a locator. A locator is a device which is connected to the dog collar. It is GPS connected, meaning that it relays its data via satellite and the data is transmitted to your handheld device such as your smart phone. It is a technological concept which has the capabilities to show you the exact location of your dog at the touch of a button.

gps chip for dogs

The advantages is that it also checks the health status of your dog giving instant results. It checks the body temperature alerting you of any infections like fever. This can save your dog’s life since you can easily call in the vet who will administer medication at the right time.

It flags you up with an alert when the dog is in distress. A dog could be trapped by the leash or any other obstructions during play. The time difference between the time of trapping and rescue could be critical in saving the dog’s life.

A training regime can easily be drawn for a dog with a GPS locator. The alerts will guide you in knowing what kind of activity the dog partakes while you are away. Some dogs might tend to be too passive which is unhealthy. With the data received, you could evenly distribute the physical activities to help you dog be active and alert.

A dog locator controlled by the GPS could save you because you will notice the pattern of the dogs breathing and other behaviors through the alerts that you will receive on the hand set.

Whistle for dogs - Dog Locator

Whistle for dogs is another great device whose function is to locate dogs. It is a small slim device, light in weight and meant to be worn on the collar of the dog. Its weight and size ensures that it can be used across all breeds and sizes of dogs.

gps dog collar

It has an accelerometer and is both Bluetooth and WI-FI enabled and runs on a rechargeable battery.

It is more technologically advanced than the ordinary locators in that it maps out the designated safe zone areas that you want to restrict your dog to. It uses a software that is custom made to suit your needs and preferences by allowing you to feed in information. It is the user who understands the environment which they desire for theirs dogs to be in. The mapping is done upon purchase and connected to a hand held devise. Precise location is determined as well as the activity status of the dog at the touch of the button.

Whistle for dogs is a great way to locate your dog and bond with it because you will understand all the intricate matters about it communicated in real time by the application.

How to keep your dog active and happy

If you love your dog so much, then physical as well as mental stimulation is required to make is an all-round dog. Games help bring out recommended traits such as perseverance and spiritedness.

In dog fighting breeds, gaming dog whistles gives it the ability to attack and corner the enemy despite being dehydrated or physically bruised or with broken bones.

Small dogs like the Terriers have games designed specifically for them they can be such games as the hunting of underground pests. The choice of game is dependent on the dog skill and purpose for which the dog is intended.

Dogs, like human beings tend to become bored in the usual environment where there is no motivation. Gaming dog whistle have great theme games that are stimulating and fun to play. The games can be played by humans as well.

There are many games designed for dogs and they will need a little nudging if they seem uninterested at first. Once they learn the game and get used to it, they are will enjoy it immensely. The biggest attraction will come from the music from the application.

How do you monitor your dog?

It is important to monitor your dog’s activities and location. Many dog monitor applications allow for the dog owner to access the dog remotely making it a viable choice for many.

There are many great dog monitor apps in the market. Knowing the right one for you will be informed by your needs and the type of dog that you have.

Most of the applications come with software that shows you the location of the dog. Others will allow you to map out the boundary where the dog will be confined in. In case it leaves that mapped area, an alert is sent out prompting you to take the necessary precautions.

Garmin dog monitor apps will also check the health status of the dogs giving updates on the body temperature, heart rate and the general well-being. Advanced technologies helps you keep track of the vet appointments, medication as well as allergies. This gives you peace of mind since the notifications will be synchronized with your calendar.

garmain dog tracker

Other dog monitor applications allows you to view the activities of your pet in real time. This is especially useful if the dog is being left behind for the first time or you have recently moved into a new neighborhood.

Dog monitor applications like the first aid helps the dog owner to respond to the dog in case of emergencies. Food poisoning can also be avoided by using applications which show the kind of foods that are poisonous to the canine.


Technology today has turned dog handling into a fun and fulfilling exercise. The security of the dog is assured even when you are away from home. It is important to understand the various gadgets that are used to secure the dog for you to realize value for money and optimize on their functionalities. When looking for accessories for dogs, you can always consider getting Garmin dog collars or even Garmin dog whistles. You are guaranteed of near-perfect accessories from this world class company.

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