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Essential Facts About Dog Carriers

Dog Carriers - 

Dog carriers are used to transport your dog from one place to another. They are an integral part of dog strollers, but are detachable and can be independently used for dog transport.The best dog carriers are designed to provide comfort and security for your dog to enjoy the trip much better.

However, the design of dog carriers vary, depending on your destination, or the path and means you’re employing to your destination. All of these factors as well as others, determine the most suitable dog carrier you should get for your dog.

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The Best Dog Carriers for Your Dog

Just like cars, you can have as many dog carriers as you want, with each assigned to specific trips.

Other factors that determine the best dog carriers for your dog vary depending on your destination.

Backpack dog carriers:

These work mostly for smaller pets you can take along while you travel small distances by walking. Holding your dog by the leash, in this case, might slow you down, or be dangerous to your dog’s health as he/she might get tired or even worse, get attacked on the way.

In some other cases, you might want to transport your ill dog to the veterinarian, who’s office is just a few blocks away.

However, having direct contact with your dog in these cases might be dangerous to your health.In any of these scenarios, the backpack dog carrier does you a lot of good.

Airline dog carriers:

In other cases, you might want to move permanently from one state to a farther one, by air. Your dog stays in the cargo hold, but you want to make sure that its safe and comfortable. The best dog carriers do justice to that.

Car dog carriers:

As the name implies, they are dog carriers that can be fixed to your car seats while you drive. They are also called car seats for dogs and are more comfortable for them, and put your mind at peace as the chance that they might get injured when you make a sharp turn or a sudden brake might injure them becomes pretty slim.

Purse dog carriers:

These are much smaller than backpack carriers and can be used during friendly visits, or during shopping. They are mostly made of nylon or leather, but with reinforced floors to secure your pet, especially during falls.

Choosing The Best Dog Carriers

Seeing the many styles dog carriers are available in, the best dog carriers serve the best in these various circumstances and make the best out of any trip for you and your dog. The factors to consider when choosing dog carriers to include;

Proper ventilation:

The best dog carriers are well ventilated, they feature wire windows and screens which provide adequate ventilation for your dog. It helps to allow air to flow freely through the carrier so your dog will not be overheated.

Light in weight:

The best dog carriers are moderately weighted and not heavy for you to carry, some come with a wheel which helps you move your dog freely.

Those that will be on a long flight will find the carriers with wheel more convenient as they will likely trek through the terminal to board another flight especially if they own a heavy dog.

Made with good materials:

The materials from which the best dog carriers are made of are sturdy. It does not only keep them from escaping or wandering loose in the public area, but it also provides some level of protection to the pet in case of impacts.


Safety is very an important aspect you should consider. The best dog carriers are designed with your pet’s safety in mind. The doors are firmly secured and will not pop open when bumped or set down hard which makes it safer for your dog.

When you are done buying the best dog carrier for your pet, before travelling with him, make sure your dog is very familiar with the dog carrier. Getting your dog used to the carrier will make him feel safer and have a nice travel experience. You can leave it open in the house, and make sure the dog get used to the sight of it.

You can also take him on a few short trips in the carrier to get him used to be in the enclosure which will make him more comfortable as he gets used to it. As your dog becomes more familiar with the carrier, you can be rest assured they are will be ready for the trip when the date is due.


The best dog carriers meet the above conditions and are available for purchase at large. Our choice for the best dog carriers are:

Mr. Peanut's® Deluxe Soft Sided Dog House Style Pet Carrier Crate:

As they should, this band is designed to give your dog the maximum comfort possible while you enjoy your trip. The Mr. Peanut’s deluxe dog carrier is light in weight, made of aluminium tubular framing with rounded corners to protect your home’s décor or the interior parts of your car.

The windows give excellent ventilation, as well as top and front zipper closures for entry and exit.Another amazing feature of this brand is that it’s easy to clean after use. With mild wiping and spray of odour remover, you should be good to go after leaving it to dry for a while.

The major con of this brand is that it’s not suitable for airline use.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Carriers:

The Sherpa dog carrier design is made of durable nylon that helps your dog with ventilation and features top and front zippers for easier entry and exit for your dog.It also features a durable seat belt strap that fits right over the upright luggage handle, making it more stable during travels.

The lining, however, is a washable faux lambskin product that provides more comfort when your dog lies on it.It’s suitable for airline travels, and pretty much any other form of travels.

Petmate Vari Kennel:

This brand has been pronounced one of the Amazon best seller dog carriers as it features a traditional design of pet carriers. Like the old school design, it has lots of ventilation, safe and durable windows that don’t fall off on bumpy roads and provide a lot of vision for your dog to enjoy the journey as much as you do.

It’s wide enough to contain large breeds of dogs that measure up to 34 inches, and materials strong enough to accommodate them. It’s made from heavy-duty plastic that is easy to clean and fasten to keep your pet safe.

The Petmate Vari kennel is also suitable for airline travels, and for these reasons and more, have made out the list for the best dog carriers on the market.

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