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Important Tips on Dog Car Seats That You Should Know!

What are Dog Car Seats?

Dog car seats are one of the most important accessories to have when you are travelling with your dog.

For dog lovers, pet travel or taking your dog on a trip isn’t a bad idea at all. In some cases, you might not have a choice, like when you have to move to another state, or when you need to go on a trip and you could not get any sitter to watch your dog.

Having your dog in your car while you drive is no joke either, because he/she has most of your attention and you probably drive super slow to reduce the risk of having your dog hit its head on anything or becoming a projectile that can injure you or other passengers in the cars, while you speed and halt through traffic.

Dog car seats take away this distraction and allow your dog to enjoy the ride just as you might. Apart from that, the other benefits include;

Benefits of Dog Car Seats


Dog car seats secure your dog safely to the car seat, allowing your dog to have a full passenger experience in the safest way possible.

Offers full passenger experience:

Your dog is your passenger as long as he/she is in your car while you drive. One of the worst experiences as a passenger is not being to look out the windows. It causes car sickness in some cases. Dog car seats raise your dog up to the window level so he/she can enjoy the view, and not get bored, or worse, car sick.

Protects your car from damage from your dog:

Dog car seats restrict your dog’s movement in the car making it safer for you both. This restriction also reduces the chances of your dog scratching the seats of your car in anxiety or in a bid to see what’s going on outside the car.

For an untrained dog, you won’t have to look for dog poop in your car after each journey.These benefits may seem small, but when you get the best dog car seats, it’ll be surely worth it.

Tips For Choosing the Best Dog Car Seat

There are two major things you should always have in mind when you’re going for a dog care product. - Your convenience and his/hers. With this in mind, here are the factors to consider when you go shopping for a dog car seat.

Durable material and design:

The durability of the material must be strong enough to bear your dog’s weight and help hold your dog up safely without having you worry if it will break or not.

The design must be just as adaptable for it to accommodate your dog in the most comfortable way possible, with compartments for snacks and other immediate dog needs. This way, you might not need to give your dog that much attention while you drive.

Washable interior:

Dog’s reaction to being strapped up for long gives them the same reaction to heat like ours. They tend to sweat underneath and when the sweat drips on the interior of the seat, you want to be sure that you can get the stains and smell of easily.

Browse for the best washable designs when shopping for your dog car seat.


This has a lot to do with the design and quality of the material used. Make sure that the strapping system used are sturdy and have firm attachments to your car seat so that they don’t fall off when you hit the hard brakes, or when they wiggle.

This can cause a lot of injuries to them on the highway, and probably distract you and cause even worse things to you and your car.

Crash tested:

In addition to safety measures, make sure that the dog car seat has been crash-tested so that in the event of a car accident, while your seat belt and your airbag protects you, it can protect your dog from any immediate dangers.


Cost effectiveness is the most attractive part of any product. You have to check the benefits that the dog car seat features in relation to the price. The best dog car seats combine all of these amazing features and are sold at the most affordable prices available.

dog car seat

The Best Dog Car Seats - Our Top Choices

Our choices for the best dog car seats are fine blend of the features explained above and reviewed as follows;

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat:

The Snoozer brand has made it to our top choices because of their comfortable foam form that combines safety with Comfortability for your dog. It also features a simulated lamb’s wool interior and is also available in various fabric options to choose whatever picks your dog’s fancy.

The connection straps are sturdy and join the harness to the seatbelt for safety. For additional convenience, the Lookout Travel Rack allows your dog access to food, water and a wonderful view from inside your car.

Large Luxury High-Back Console Pet Car Seat:

This luxurious dog car seat is sturdy enough to hold pets that weigh up to 12 lbs with large seats designed for comfort, keeping your dog warm ad comfy. It also features a high back which apparently discourages your dog from trying to jump out or into the back seat of the car, creating a mess.

The High back dog seat has a non-skid rubber finish and a luxurious two-tone micro-suede cover. The safety straps are strong enough to secure your pet to the seat, but also with its material tender enough to prevent the strap from strangling or choking your dog.The interior pads, as well as the exterior cover, are removable and this makes it a lot easier to wash ad dry-clean.

PupSaver Crash-Tested Car Safety Seat for Small Dogs:

The pup saver brands are really into dog saving with their crash tested safety car seat for dogs. This product features a safe comfy transport for your dog which acts like a giant catcher's mitt. It uses your dog’s body weight to hold your dog safely at any impact moment.

The pupsaver dog seat is very easy and comfortable to use and can double as a bed if the need arises. The 5-point-attach system featured in the pupsaver attaches your dog seat to the front or back seat and locks it in the best unit for impact in case of a collision or a hard brake.Like the name implies, it’s for pups and can safely hold 4lbs dogs conveniently.

It's quick and easy to install in your car with stylish fabrics that are easy to wash and provide max comfort for your pooches.

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