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Canidae Dog Food – Ultimate Review

Canidae dog food

The Canidae pet food corporation considers themselves to be pet people who make pet food. That’s not an underestimation for a family owned company that has been into the production of dog food since 1996 till date.

Like family recipes, the formula and ingredients used in the production are pretty solid and have kept them in the market as one of the top choices for as long as they have been around. That surely counts for some reliability.

As part of their personal experience with dogs and their conversance with the market, they’ve categorized their products to suit all dog ages, breeds, purposes and most conditions. The Canidae dog food brand relies on all life stages approach to feeding dogs.

So far, in comparison to other products, the Canidae dog food brand have been rated at least average.

What makes the Canidae dog food special?

There a lot of reasons a brand of dog food is preferred to others. These factors include quality, price, cost effectiveness, among other reasons. However, for the Canidae dog food brand, most of these reasons include;

canidae dog food

- Ingredients:

Up until now, you might have thought dog food is dog food, as long as it contains the ingredients I need for my dog. That’s not entirely true.

The ingredients might be the same in a general sense, but the sources of the ingredients of dog foods make a lot of difference to the results you get from the products.

Some of the major ingredients used in Canidae dog foods are;

Poultry meals:

This particular ingredient is a very good addition to most dog foods as it contains a moderate proportion of 65% proteins, 25% fats, and 10% poultry meat.

Ignore the maths about that. It’s a really nutritious combination, a balanced dog diet.


Another major ingredient of the Canidae dog food is rice. Once cooked is fairly easy to digest, however, there are different types of Rice, and each is used for different recipes of the Canidae dog food.

The types include;

White rice: which is quite common and a moderately nutritious form of rice, healthier on removing its outer layer;

Brown rice: which is a complex carbohydrate that gives modest nutritional value to dogs, apart from its natural energy content which is commonly found in carbohydrates; and

Rice bran: a healthy by-product which is the fiber-rich outer layer of rice, containing starch, proteins, fats, and vitamins. It's gotten by milling whole grain rice.

These types are different ingredients in different product recipes of the Canidae brand, however, when they are combined using the ingredient splitting procedure, this newer combination would become the predominant recipe in the product instead of meat.

This is rarely used except for cases when your vet specifically prescribed it for your dog.

Vegetable protein:

The major natural source used for protein in Canidae dog foods is peas. Apart from being a rich source of carbohydrates, they are rich in natural fiber like legumes. They contain about 25% of protein which must be taken into consideration when rationing the meat content of the dog food.


Potatoes are one of the ingredient sources with the most nutritional value to dogs. They are gluten free, easily digestible and bioavailable.


Like potatoes, they are gluten free depending on the proportion used and naturally rich in vitamins-B. They are basically made from ground oats, and make for a really good ingredient for the Canidae dog food recipe.

Other ingredients of the Canidae dog food brand include chicken meat, fresh lamb, chickpeas, etc.

The prices of the different brands are really cheap and cost effective even for so much rich content. Also

- The preparation:

Meal preparation isn’t just about having the ingredients at your disposal. It includes knowing the right use for the ingredients when to use them, who to use them for and in what proportions to use them.

The Canidae dog food corporation understands this, and it has led them to use these ingredients to make different formulas for their cooking which suit different purposes and different breeds of different ages. The major classification of their recipes are;

  • All Life Stage Formulas
  • Senior Formula
  • Several Formula
  • Single Grain Formula

These formulas serve different purposes for different dogs, but the Canidae dog food corporation depends mostly on the all life stage formula series as the best approach to feeding dogs, and most of their products are of this formula.

However, these formulas are blended into different forms to aid bioavailability. The formulas under the different forms of dog food include;

Dry Foods: Just in case your dry foods suit your dog best, the Canidae food corporation has different brands under this category, namely; Life Stages Formulas, All Life Stages Formula, Lamb & Rice, Chicken & Rice, Beef & Fish and the Canidae Platinum (Senior and Overweight formula).

Grain Free pure: As the name suggests, this brand is grain free and is also produced in different recipes namely; Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea, Canidae Grain Free Pure Sky, Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements, Canidae Grain Free Pure Land and the Canidae Grain Free Pure Foundations.

Single Grain: The single grain Canidae dog food also serves its purpose under their Single Grain protein plus product.

Canned foods: If you prefer canned foods for your dogs, you can get the Life stages formulas, All life stages formula, Lamb & Rice recipe, Chicken & Rice recipe, Beef & Fish recipe as well as the Canidae Platinum recipe for senior and overweight dogs.

Snacks: For those who like feeding their dogs snacks, seeing as chocolates and most snacks we consume are poisonous to dogs, the Canidae dog food corporation have that covered.

Snap-biscuits, original, lamb & Rice as well as the Snap-biscuits premium are the different products that exist under this food form.

The same goes for Snap-Bits.

TidNips: There's the Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Salmon for Dogs recipe, the Chicken & Rice for Dogs and the Lamb & Rice for Dogs under this category.

All of these might sound like a lot to choose from, however, reading through reviews on each product and recipes and consulting your vet or a professional dog nutritionist for advice would definitely make it easier for you to make your choices without compromising your dog’s health.

- Cost Effective:

Canidae dog food products might come off as a bit pricy, but they do well for their prices. You’ll surely get enough value for your money!

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