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Best Hunting Dog Jackets vs Best Cold Weather Dog Jackets!

Best Hunting Dog Jackets

Even though it’s more of a hunter than you might be, your dog needs just as much protection as you do. There are lots of things you need to be conscious of when you go hunting, and preparing well for anything that surfaces is the right way to go about it.

This post explains the benefits and differences of the Best Hunting Dog Jackets vs Best Cold Weather Dog Jackets​

Apart from other predatory species, your dog needs protection from the weather, from cuts and other accidents, to name a few.

However, the benefits of dog hunting jackets go beyond this, and include the following too;

Benefits Of The Best Hunting Dog Jackets

Preventing injuries and accidents:

Hunting provides an opportunity for dogs to stretch their bones and exercise their muscles. Unlike other activities, this happens to be more dangerous as they are exposed to thorns and prickly tree branches in the woods/forest.

The best hunting dog jackets avert this danger and keep your dog safe while galloping down the woods.

Hunting dog jackets can also be reflective and help make your dog visible during hunts. This ensures safety and prevents accidents.

Keeps your dog clean and dry:

Hunting gets your dog’s body muddy, dirty, or otherwise wet and this is inevitable. It sounds fun, but it has to be kept to a minimal.

The use of dog hunting jackets reduce the possibility of getting dirty, and the risk of contracting some disease from these probable hosts.

Protection from bugs:

The woods or forests are habitats parasitic insects make their abodes, taking your dog hunting in this environment makes them susceptible to infestation by these insects.

The best hunting dog jackets can provide adequate cover and protection for your dog from pestering bugs like the fleas and ticks, especially if your dog has an exposed wound that they might be interested in feeding on.

Best Hunting Dog Jackets vs Best Cold Weather Dog Jackets

Things To Look Out For When Choosing Hunting Dog Jackets

Choosing the best hunting dog jacket for your canine companion will likely be influenced by price, fit and personal taste. It's always advisable to take your pets along to make the purchase easier by asking the expert for advice.


The best hunting dog jacket are made of strong and resilient fabric to resist wear and tear against rocks, sharp tree branches or sand burrs and ensure enough comfort to your dog.

It's like wearing bulletproof vests for a soldier. It definitely reduces the chances of getting injured from some thorn in the bushes or even bites from other predatory animals.


Choose hunting dog jackets that are light in weight, this does the job of protection and doesn't feel heavy on your pets body.

A heavy jacket affects your dog's mobility, and when your dog cant even move as fast as you can while hunting, your definitely in for a long day. Lightweight hunting dog jackets are also highly packable and easy to throw in a bag or backpack.


Get a hunting dog jacket whose design covers your dog’s entire body, leaving their legs, tail and head free also completely covering the back. This ensures all important areas are protected from injuries.

The design might also house compartments for first aid kits and other immediate necessities your dog might be needing during the course of your hunting adventure.

Reflective element:

This is a crucial criterion to consider when hunting especially at night. A hunting dog jacket that incorporates a reflective element increases your dog's visibility and thus prevents accidents.


Whether the cloth fits has little to do with the design, and very much to do with your discretion when buying.

If too a tight hunting dog jacket interferes with breathing and free movement and cause sores and itching. Likewise, a loose one can make your dog’s legs get caught up in it. A quality hunting dog jacket needs to fit properly.

Take an accurate measurement of your dog's body leaving room for small errors in case of incorrect measurements.


A hunting dog jacket will get dirty whenever you take your dog out for these activities. It's inevitable!

It’s not fair to come back from a stressful day in the woods, and then have your dog’s wears give you a hard time. A good jacket should either be machine washable or stain resistant at least, to make the job easier on you and your dog.


This is an important part of any trade. Your choice of dog hunting jacket must contain a fine blend of all the benefits and features above at a reasonable price. This is termed cost effectiveness!

As much as you would love to invest in your dog, it’s also important that your income in put into reasonable consideration. Your dog can’t enjoy the love you have for him/her when you are broke.

The Best Hunting Dog Jackets

Our choices for the best dog hunting jackets are reviewed below;

- Lifeunion Waterproof Nylon Dog Vest Harness Waistcoat with Pockets Handle for Outdoor Travel Hunting:

The life union brand have your dog prepared for all harsh circumstances, including drowning. The jacket’s design includes a waterproof nylon that's particularly lightweight and tear-resistant with two main zipper side pockets on each side with pouch can hold items like water bottle, dogs treat and wallet.

The closure of the zipper is simple, making it easy to open and get off your dog after any exercise.

Other features of the hunting jacket include an attachable port for control leashes to keep your dog at bay and prevent him/her from wandering off into the bus while chasing your target.

The Life union dog hunting jacket comes in various styles and sizes, so I suggest you have a correct measurement of your dog’s body size before your go shopping.

- Kobuk 5mm Neoprene Hunting Dog Vest Jacket Size 2XL Mossy Oak Shadow Grass

The 5millimeter premium jacket is made from Redial Flex neoprene material that helps add warmth and heat protection to your dog, especially when you have to hunt in the cold regions or during winter.

The Velcro closure eases the wearing and removal of this jacket as the chances of getting stuck in the jacket after hunting become very slim. It also helps you adjust its size to the best fit to keep your dog afloat in deep water situations like swimming across a river, or drowning.

Best Cold Weather Dog Jacket

During the cold weather, your dog’s tolerance to cold may vary, depending on the type of breed it is. It also determines how its coats size and body fat stores are.

Dogs usually respond to cold by depressing their breathing and shivering so it is obvious most times when they are cold. Short haired dog breeds tend to feel the cold faster and short legged dogs also get cold faster as their bodies and bellies are very close to the ground when outside.

Even as long coat dogs are more tolerant in cold weathers than their short coat counterparts, they are still at risk from cold-related health risks.

Health risks associated with cold weather for dogs

Adequate protection is needed by dogs during cold weather to protect them from extremely cold weather which can cause weather related ailment like Hypothermia, pneumonia, and arthritis.

A healthy dog’s fur can protect it against hypothermia but not when the weather is too cold or the when the fur is not that thick.

A dog with heart disease or the Cushing’s disease may be more susceptible to problems due to extreme cold temperature as their body system will have a harder time regulating the temperature.

Very young and old dogs are not exempted from this too, the best you can do for them is to get them appropriate clothing during such weather conditions.

Best Hunting Dog Jackets vs Best Cold Weather Dog Jackets

Benefits Of Cold Weather Jackets For Dogs

Obviously, cold weather dog jackets were designed to prevent dogs from these risks and more. However, a more detailed version of the benefits include;

- Protection from cold:

No matter how hairy, or how thick your dog’s fur is, a cold weather is as bad as pouring ice on your chest while you lie on your roof in the rain. It’s horrible! depending on your residential area though.

However, regardless of the harshness of the cold weather, having a cold weather jacket for your dog is never a bad idea. It’s better to be prepared than sorry, especially when there are so many possible health risks you are taking every day your dog spends in the cold season.

A more horrible outcome of ignoring this advice is having to treat your dog of cold-related medical conditions throughout the summer, and having to repeat the same process every year.

- Fashion:

Whether you choose to admit or not, cold weather jackets look really cool on dogs. When you go skiing or take your dog for a walk in the snow or during raining seasons, you two would definitely look really cool, with lots of photo-shoots underway with your phone, or as a professional, with your camera.

There’s nothing stopping you from being fashionable while preventing your dog from the harsh weather conditions.

- Insurance:

Dogs want to know that they are safe since they have the ability to sense danger. They would be most likely hesitant to step into the cold if they don’t know that they would be safe. Cold weather jackets provide them insurance they need to step into the cold.

This warmth helps them to be fully operational especially when they have immediate needs. If your dog feels the need to, he might defecate right where he is if his toilet is not as warm as his current space.

- Ill and old aged dogs:

Sick dogs might be more susceptible to the dangers of a cold weather as their body functional are partially shut down. Old dogs also suffer the same fate.

Cold weather dog jackets fill this void and allow them to be fully functional irrespective of the harshness of the weather, they are good to go.

Features Of The Best Cold Weather Dog Jackets

However, not all cold weather jackets provide the best care for dogs. The best cold weather jackets are the set of jackets I would recommend that your get for your dogs.

These jackets feature the benefits explained previously. However, in all the complexity and features, your dog must feel comfortable at all times.


One of the few things we watch out for while shopping for our wears are how comfortable we feel in them. Dogs feel the same way too.

The best cold weather jacket for dogs are the ones that lets your dog breath while giving him the extra protection from cold temperatures.

Fabric such as cotton are soft and easy to wash, the dog jacket should not be too tight nor too loose. Your dog’s comfort is the main priority, make sure to take its measurement before purchasing any outfit for it.


Having featured all these characteristics, the best cold weather jackets are also cost effective. Affordability is one of the factors that determine the purchase of any item. The same goes for cold weather dog jackets.


All dogs’ owners are recommended to wear cold weather jackets for dogs during cold weather conditions except the very furry ones like St. Bernards, Sheepdogs, Chow Chows and Siberian husky.

Most small breeds like Chihuahuas, Miniature Pinchers, Terriers and others are not really built to withstand cold winter temperatures, they are the most likely to need extra warmth to comfort them during cold winters.

Also if you have a lean or a short-haired dog, like Greyhounds or Whippets, you will discover that they tend to shiver quite easily as they have little fur to protect them when enjoying their daily walks.

Cold weather dog jackets are also recommended if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors during winter, this applies to all dogs including the large breeds and furry ones accustomed to cold weather conditions.

If your dog is recuperating from an illness or injury, it may be more sensitive to cold temperature, be sure to get him one of the best cold weather jackets, same applies also to young puppies and senior dogs.


Having heeded to this recommendation, with respect to your vet’s advice, it's important to note that cleanliness of these jackets is also very important to our dog’s health. Dirty jackets lead to breeding of pests and lice on our dogs. That’s a disaster. Put your washing machine to good use.

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