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Best Dog Trimmers For Dog Hair Grooming!

Many dog owners like to allow often times like to let their dog’s hair grow nice and long it is somehow impractical in most cases. The longer your dog’s hair, the more frequently you will need to groom.

Having a long hair on your dog can make him bring dirt and unwanted bacteria which can cause infections especially to the eye. When your dog’s fur is well groomed, it is easier to know what’s going on underneath his coat. This will assist a lot in dog parasite control.

A dog trimmer is different from a dog clipper in the sense that it is more of a detail tool use to fine tune the hair rather than cutting a longer body hair. Most dog trimmers have a clipping capability so it works both for cutting and fine-tuning your dog’s hair.

Trimming your dog’s hair make him look cool and clean during the hot summer and it lessens the chances of matting and tangles on your dog coat. With the right dog trimmer, you can give your dog the best look and comfy feel that he will love you for. There are certain dog clippers specially designed to give your dog that clean trim he deserves.

best dog trimmers

Steps on Giving Your Dog a Good Trim

Before planning on giving your dog that perfect cut and trim, here are few things you need to do to ensure a smooth and enjoying experience for you both.

- Choose an appropriate location

It is best to choose a place first before the actual grooming and trimming starts. Choose a location that will accommodate all the hairs flying about. If you are using a cordless trimmer, it would be best to do it outdoors if the weather accommodates it but it is dependent on you at the end of the day, choose any location you think is best.

- Give him a proper bath

Use a good dog shampoo and give him a thorough bath as this make it easier for you when grooming him. Even if your dog’s hair is in good shape, a nice shampoo bath will still be needed, this will not only make him clean but will also extend the life of your dog clippers and trimmers. After the bath, allow him to get dry.

- Brush him and keep his untangled

After your dog is dry, the next thing to do is to take out your dog grooming kit and take out your comb and brush. Comb the areas that are not tangled and then use the brush to overcome the tangled areas. Keep in mind that this part can be uncomfortable for your dog especially if the tangle is tough, take your time and do it slowly to get his hair straight.

- Give him a nice trim

Now that his hairs have been straightened out, take out your trimmer and start to trim with the growth of your dog’s hair so as to get a naturally good looking coat. You can start trimming from the neck to the back leg, go slow and don’t push the trimmer too fast because it might leave lines.

Things to Consider when Getting The Best Dog Trimmers

When getting the best dog trimmers, there are few things you need to consider.

Quiet and Cool – The best dog trimmers are quiet during operation which can be a good feature because using a noisy dog trimmer can agitate your dog and make him uncomfortable during the course of grooming.

Ergonomic Design – The dog trimmer should feature an ergonomic so as to make the trimming an enjoying experience for both you and your dog.

Maintenance free – The dog trimmer should be maintenance free as no one likes taking apart dog trimmers just to oil or grease them which can be messy and frustrating. The best dog trimmers are maintenance free which means they just need cleaning.

Quality and Rust Resistant Blade – The best dog trimmers features a quality and rust resistant blade to bring about efficient and smooth trimming. This always ensures they stay sharp and durable.

Safe – The dog trimmer should be safe to use, it should not in any way be uncomfortable for you or your dog. Your dog safety is the utmost concern.

Price – The best products are said to be pricey than their counterparts. Never compromise quality due to price, it will be worth it at the end of the day as you will get the value of your money worth.

These are some of the best dog trimmers you can get in no particular order.

Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Dogs and Cats Electric Clippers Grooming Trimming Kit Set

The Maxshop Low noise Rechargeable Cordless Clipper is a precision motor that is designed to keep your pet’s hair trim. It features a lightweight and cordless design for easy use and accessibility.

It is packed with a titanium blade combined with a ceramic movable blade that gives you an efficient and long term cutting and trimming. The pet clipper will always keep your dog well groomed, neat and good looking. It is a good trimmer that is worth the buy.

Ecoastal® Dog Clippers Dog Hair Trimmer With Dog Grooming Supplies

The Ecoastal Dog Hair Trimmer is a high-performance cordless dog hair trimmer that will keep your dog’s hair pretty trim and clean. It features a universal Snap-On pet clipper comb set which will keep your pet’s hair trimmed perfectly even if you’ve never groomed your dog before.

The dog trimmer is environmentally friendly, durable and features an ergonomic design that makes the trimmer more stable and safe.

Upmagic Professional Pet Grooming Kit

The Upmagic Professional Pet Grooming Kit is professional cordless pet clipper that is designed to meet your clipping and trimming your dog requires.

The pet clipper features a quiet motor that does not make any noise when trimming, this means you can trim your dog’s hair when he is sleeping without waking him up. It also features a stainless steel blade which is combined with a ceramic movable blade for efficient and long-term cutting and trimming.

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