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Best Dog Shedders For your Furry Friend

Dogs naturally loose old hair by shedding as it must be replaced so as to have a shiny coat. It is a normal process that can’t be stopped but you can reduce the amount of hairs he shed. The rate at which your pet shed his hair depends on how big his fur is. Excessive shedding by dogs can also be normal for some but it can be as a result of other factors like stress, poor nutrition or health problems.

The type of dog you have can determine his hair loss frequency but you can also determine from you vet to know if the amount of hairs your dog shed is normal.

You can control a number of hairs he sheds from getting all over your belongings as having loose dog hair can be really frustrating when you find it in clothing, furniture and all over the floor.

The best way to reduce the dog’s hair from getting all over your things is to prevent the hair from getting out from your dog’s body in the first place. You can do this by investing in one of the best dog shedders to help you contain all the excess hair on your dog’s body.

Difference between shedding and hair loss

Shedding is different from hair loss. When a dog sheds hair, a new is growing in the hair follicle to replace it whereas when a dog suffers from hair loss due to any form of illness, the hair grows slowly or no new hairs grow at all. Some hair loss is caused by a sluggish thyroid gland when the hair is replaced rarely and as the hair stays too long on the pet, it literally wears out.

best dog shedders

How to minimize the number of hairs you dog sheds

Even though weather and seasons play a major role in terms of how much a dog sheds, but in general, most dogs when in good health tends to shed less than those that are not. Scratching can increase the amount of hairs your dog shed and this may be caused by either allergies or fleas. Make sure to use the best dog tick and fleas control.

Also, a good diet minimizes shedding, make sure that your dog’s food contains all the adequate levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Cut down on table scraps if your dog most times receives a large portion of it. Make sure he get access to more clean water to drink as dehydration can lead to dry skin which can also cause excessive shedding and some other health issues.

Things to consider when buying the best dog shedders

When buying the best dog shedders, there are few things to put into consideration.

High Quality – The best dog shedders are made from the best quality materials, they are made from reputable manufacturers so as to give you the best satisfaction when using the product.

Durable – The best dog shedders are durable as they are made from strong materials with a good design.

Ergonomic Design – The best dog shedders are designed with your comfort in mind, the handles are ergonomic so as to make grooming a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Safe – Safety of your dog is the number one priority. The best dog shedders are designed in a way to be safe to use for you and not compromise the safety of your dog in any way.

Warranty – The best dog shedders are covered with a money-back guarantee as the manufacturers are very certain about the quality of their products. This makes it worry and risk-free for you to buy.

Tips on using the best dog shedders

Here are some tips that will help make shedding your dog faster and also help to keep you shedding tool last longer.

Regular grooming of your dog will help to reduce the amount of excess hair on him, bathing your dog helps to remove clumps of hair and make him look clean and neat, after drying him then you can use the dog shedders to remove any remaining hairs on his body.

Bathing your dog too frequently is not advisable as too much shampooing will make the dog’s hair dry and cause skin itching too. When using the dog shedder, it is advisable to use it outdoors if the weather permits so there won’t be much hair flying in the house.

If you must do it indoors, you can lay your dog on a towel from getting the hair to get trapped on the floor.

These are some of the best dog shedders you can get in no particular order.

WoofMeow Professional Cat & Dog Deshedding Tool and Grooming Brush

The WoofMeow Professional Cat & Dog Deshedding Tool and Grooming Brush is specially designed to reduce your pet hair in your home by up to 95%. It is made from the best quality material which makes it durable. It is perfect for all type of coats and also promotes healthy and shiny coat. It is well recommended by pet groomers and vets. It is very affordable and is regarded as the ultimate pet loose hair remover.

The Shredder Dematting Comb for Dogs & Cats by K9konnection

The Shredder Dematting Comb for Dogs & Cats is a must have for pet owners. It is a dual sided tangle breaker that gives your dog the best de-matting for easier de-shedding and thinning. It features a 12 teeth side for stubborn tangles and the 23 teeth side for faster results of thinning. The shredder is safe to use as it is sharp on the inside but rounded on the outside edge. The non-slip ergonomic design handles help for a fast and enjoyable cut. It is durable and worth the buy for any pet you choose to buy it for.

Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding by Mojo PetsLife

The Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding is a vet approved shedding brush that is high-grade for de-shedding your dog. It features a fur remover button which helps to save time when grooming your dog. It also features a high-grade four-inch stainless steel combs which are very strong and durable. The product is also covered by a money-back guarantee which makes it a worry-free product.

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