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Best Dog Safety Ramps – For Dog In-house Free Roam!

What are Dog Safety Ramps?

Dog safety ramps are dog care equipment designed to make your dog’s movement around you easier. They have applications in various parts of the house, car or where ever you have them. Safety ramps are like staircases or bridges, and like staircases, they help your dog get to places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

This helps them to roam the confines of your house freely without needing much help from you. Safety ramps are pretty useful especially for dogs with injuries or damages parts. It also builds their self-confidence seeing as they can pretty much do most of what they need to, by themselves.

Now that I have your attention, you probably want to get one for your dog so you don’t always have to carry him / her into your car or onto your bed. Well, before you go shopping, here are some factors you need to put into consideration;



Your dog’s safety basically depends on how sturdy and durable the ramp is. Knowing that untested bridges as well as weak ones aren’t safe, make sure that the ramp you want to get for your dog is as safe as possible to avoid accidents and other horrible incidents of any kind. This can also be very disastrous to your relationship with your dog as they might refuse to use any accessories you bring to them afterwards.


This is the most important feature of any dog accessory. Getting different styles and shapes of ramps for different parts of the house for your dog kind of makes it all weird. Adaptable safety ramps can be used at different locations of the house. That saves you the cost and retains your house design without having your dog’s personality take over everything. This tends to incapacitate most people and they begin to feel like visitors in their own houses.


The design on the dog safety ramp also matters depending on the dog and the purpose of purchase. For higher heights, stair-like ramps and shields on the side sound just about right. This helps them move more easily and more quickly with little chances of falling off.

Average Dog weight:

No matter how sturdy it is, you need to put your dog’s weight into consideration. As he or she grows older, the safety ramp should be able to accommodate your dog without giving creaky sounds or giving you a scare. Put future scenarios into consideration

Material Used:

Depending on your purpose for getting the dog safety ramp, you have to make sure that the material used to manufacture it suits your dog. For disabled dogs as well as young puppies, materials with rough surfaces are best for them. This eases their use and prevents them from slipping off and injuring themselves in the process.

This determines how long your purchase would last with no faults. You don’t want to keep buying ramps every month like you’re stocking on food.

Cost Effectiveness:

Dog safety ramps are pretty useful for your dogs, however, it’s important that you get the best blend of features into a particular product at a reasonable price. Apart from putting your financial status into consideration, you also have to be wise about your spending and choice of products for other life scenarios.


Now that you know how the features of the best dog safety ramp for your dog, here are the top choices we’ve reviewed.

Skamper Ramp Super Skamper Ramp

super ramp Super Skamper Ramp

The Skamper Ramp is the perfect escape ramp that works impressively even in the event that a pet falls into your pool or spa. They can be perforated as a ladder to safety. You can secure the ramp tightly to your poolside and your dog can chill on it, while you take a swim, allowing him or her to feel like it’s a part of it.

The scamper ramp is a white lightweight, ribbed plastic ramp designed to be visible to dogs in case they have a need for them. A corrosion resistant hardware, as well as a rope to secure the ramp, is included in the package if this product.

Petstep Dog Safety Ramp

​Petstep 39" L X17" W Weather Resistant Light Weight Portable Bed Sofa Car Mini Van Half Step Dog Safety Ramp

The Petstep brand has made a breakthrough with a lightweight and portable safety ramp that’s also weather resistant material that will not rust or corrode. It’s made of an advanced composite plastic frame that can bear the weight of up to 500 pounds which could hold the weight of any dog or a couple of dogs safely.

It’s easy to wash with a simple water clean-up and also features a rubberized, ribbed bob-surface for maximum traction making it safe for all dog owners. The Petstep dog safety ramp features a universal grip which fits all vehicles and edges to prevent the ramp from falling off especially when there is dog weight on it. With this brand, your dog’s safety is guaranteed.

OxGord Pet Stairs:

Oxgord Pet stairs

The OxGord brand features comfort in technicality. The stairs are padded with the wool material making it double as a couch for dogs. It can hold weight up to 70 pounds and thereby ideal for both small and large dogs.

It’s perfect for older sick dogs suffering from pain or hip dysplasia as it helps them tread on a more comfortable platform to higher and hard to reach spots in your house. The wool material is machine washable and easy to maintain.

Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs

Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs

The Pup step plus stairs are built with safety side rails for your pet to climb with confidence. It’s basically for small and medium sized dogs as the ramp weighs about 5 pounds and can bear up to 120 pounds of weight due to its unique and sturdy construction.

It’s affordable and can also serve as a chilling spot for your dog. The design requires no assembly or any kind of technicality during assembly. It’s the total package.

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