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Best Dog Milk Replacers For Your Pooch

Infancy is the most delicate part of an animal's life and requires proper nutrition to encourage growth and development during this period. Injured or sick dogs require body enhancing nutrition to facilitate recovery. If you haven't reared an orphaned puppy or a sick dog, you probably wouldn't see the need for dog milk replacers.

Dog milk replacers are specially formulated milk substitutes for dogs which are a necessary component of their diet. They offer critical nutrients for the successful rearing of orphaned and recovering dogs.

Pooch's whose mothers reject them also have a right to grow at a healthy rate too. The best dog milk replacers can be a life saver for the dogs in the above-mentioned conditions.

best dog milk replacers

Benefits Of The Best Dog Milk Replacers

· Perfect for orphaned and rejected puppies

Some dogs are orphaned or rejected by their mothers at infancy while some puppies cannot latch on to suckle. And unfortunately, mama's milk offers all that these little guys need for growth and development. The best dog milk replacers will do well for dogs in these conditions.

They contain everything they need nutritionally for the first months of their life. So it's a no mother's milk, no problem for your pet and you can effectively raise him and prevent malnourishment.

· To enhance recovery for sick dogs

Sick and recovering pets need the best nutrition and immune support they can get. The balanced nutritional profile of the best dog milk replacers, they have just the right amount of fats and sugars to help regain strength again.

· To aid digestion and boost immune system

The best dog milk replacers contain easily digestible formula which is great for dogs with a nervous disposition or a sensitive digestive system. Dogs in their twilight age can also benefit from having the best dog milk replacers as it boosts their immune systems and promotes good muscles and improve skeletal health.

· Affordability

Very beneficial products are often associated with expensive prices. The best dog milk replacers are economically priced so everyone can afford it. So no need worrying about your pet being deprived of essential nutrients to help him grow and keep strong.

Features Of The Best Dog Milk Replacers

· Nutritional requirements

The best dog milk replacers are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of your pet by closely matching mother's milk. They contain the correct balance of protein, fat and lactose to aid development and maintain health.

Protein to ensure optimal growth and balance, fat to supply energy needs for puppies because they are born with minimal fat reserves. And a level regulated lactose to allow lactose digestion.

· Raw material

The milk sources of the best dog milk replacement are of high quality and edible to ensure suspension, solubility, digestion and absorption by your canine. They offer optimum feeding concentration by being similar to bitch's milk.

· Multifunctional

Growing puppies and convalescing dogs are able to effectively use the best dog milk replacers. They are also capable of supplementing bitch's milk.

· Shelf life

The best dog milk replacers maintain longer shelf life with complete supplements of stable forms of vitamins and minerals. So you don't have to worry about it losing its nutrients with time.

Top Three Best Dog Milk Replacers

The following listed dog milk replacers are top rated products that have been given great reviews by dog owners. You can give your pet all three and you wouldn't go wrong.

Probotics For Dogs By Vetrinex 

Claiming the first position is the Probotics for Dogs. This dog milk replacer is the only dog supplement that treats digestive conditions like diarrhea and constipation with L.acidophilus and pancreatic digestive enzymes.

It is a perfect treat for dogs with a great beef liver flavored taste. It leaves no mess due to its small bite size unlike liquids, powders and hard to open capsules. Probotics for Dogs works great for allergy prone dogs with its no allergies and 100% safety promise.

This product is veterinarian recommended and promotes healthy skin, coat, joint and canine digestion. It helps your dog digest processed foods, helps with regular bowel, and strengthens your dog's immunity.

It requires no refrigeration and comes with a manufacturer money back guarantee package. If there's no massive improvement in your dog's condition within 30 days, then you get a complete refund.

PetAg Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Powder

Second on our list is the PetAg Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Powder recommended for puppies newborn to 6 weeks of age and made in USA. It is available in powder form which makes it easy to prepare and is enriched with minerals and vitamins to help your puppies have a healthy growth. This dog milk replacer is all-natural and doesn’t contain any preservatives.

PetAg Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Powder is a complete diet for puppies fortified with vitamins and minerals. Its lifesaving formula closely matches bitch's milk in protein and energy.

It is also suitable for pregnant and nursing dogs, as well as those recovering from illness or surgery, dogs with very sensitive digestive tracts, and stressed dogs which require better nutrition need an easily digestible, highly nutritious supplement like this dog milk replacers.

Herbsmith Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement

The Herbsmith Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement ranks third on our list. This powdered milk supplement is all natural and herbal, and it is recommended for liver support, since it helps support healthy liver function. It is good for dogs with allergies, digestive issues, and can be used to combat the negative side effects of the severe alternatives.

The active ingredient in Herbsmith Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement is silymarin, which is great as an antioxidant. It provides an average of 33 days’ supply based on a 30-80 Pound dog. This product is one of the best dog milk replacers out there.

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