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Best Dog Food Toppers for Dogs

Like us dog owners, our dogs also like to enjoy something different and extra in their meals to improve the taste and make it more enjoyable.

With dog food toppers, it’s easy to provide those quick hits of tastiness that make a meal just that much better. If you have watched your dog dig into a flavored meal, you'll know how true this is.

It works better especially for dogs with diminished interest in eating, whether due to illness, age or simple boredom. By adding a little something extra of the best dog food topper, you have an opportunity to brighten your dog’s day with fragrant and fresh tastes.

There are benefits of getting the best dog food topper for your dog. So let's take a look at the major ones.

best dog food topper

Why Your Dog Needs The Best Dog Food Toppers


If you're looking for a simple flavor enhancer to spice up your dog food, then the best dog food topper is what you need. Picky dogs grow bored of the same diet, just as much as we do. Dogs who are prescribed a diet by a veterinarian or who are under a medical treatment could have a loss of appetite.

These dogs need to be enticed to eat. Dog food toppers can be an affordable way to treat your flurry friend to a sumptuous meal.

Apart from being an appetizer, there are lots of reasons why food toppers are important in our dog’s diets. Some of those reasons are;

Supplements provision:

Not all foods, especially homemade are balanced diets. However, food toppers give you the opportunity to fill in these missing nutrients, improving your dog’s meal without messing up the taste or flavor.

Dog owners who seek for nutritious additives for commercially-prepared dog foods should get the best dog food toppers. This adds the required supplements and nutrients that they think might be missing from their dog’s current food. This can include additional protein, vitamins and calories.

The various areas where supplementation might be required for dogs using toppers include;


Not all dogs are thrilled with the routine of taking drugs every now and then. It’s one the burdens that come with falling sick. You can ease this for them by adding medicinal food toppers to their meals. Reviews show that it’s more potent that the regular pills and potions that don’t even taste well.

These toppers can be used in lots of ways for our dog’s healthy living. However, care must taken as to choose the right food toppers for our dogs to reduces the chances of worsening their health with allergies or over supplementing them on a particular nutrient.


Pregnant dogs require more calories in their meals. So, instead of changing their meals, dog food toppers can be added to their meals to make up for the extra nutrient while avoiding so many risks that come with changing their diets to a supposedly more appropriate one.

Note: A pregnant dog energy requirement may increase drastically towards the end of her pregnancy by a factor of three. Lots of calorie in a dog food topper would be required in this period.


One of the factors that influence our choices to invest in dog food toppers is the growth of our dogs. However, the nutrient quality and quantity required depend on our dogs.

Puppies require more energy than adult canines. A dog food topper with a higher protein degree, but a moderate fat degree is ideal. Obese puppies are far more prone to degenerative joint disease, especially in large and giant breeds than puppies with a normal or slim physique.


The age at which a dog becomes fully grown varies from breed to breed, with larger dogs considered old at earlier ages. The nutrient quality of food that dogs take at every point of their life span varies.

Older pooches typically require fewer calories than younger ones to maintain their body weight and condition and partly because they tend to be less active than younger dogs. This fact is also valid because at older ages, their activity levels are reduces as compared to when they were puppies. Their metabolism rate reduces and with this, so does their required calorie intake.

Take this into proper consideration when getting toppers for your dog.


Apart from their regular nutritional considerations, dogs also react differently depending on their health status. There are medicinal food toppers that people have had impressive reviews about, however, just like pills, make sure that their nutrient content – quality and quantities are prescribed by your licensed vet.

Sick dogs have increased energy needs; it takes energy to power an immune response to combat bacteria/diseases or repair tissues. A high-calorie dog food topper does it in this instance.

Choosing The Best Dog Food Topper

There are so many dog food toppers out there, the options seem almost endless because what works for a particular dog wouldn't necessarily work for another. No one is in a better position to decide which dog food topper you should feed your dog than your vet. That’s always my first advice to anyone when it comes to dog health. The Vet’ choice is the best choice.

The choice of food toppers for your dog differs from dog to dog as well as your dog’ needs. Here are a few tips to guide you:

Nutritional considerations:

Every dog food topper contains a different degree of sweetness and a different ratio of nutrients. Hence you must consider your dog’s allergies, toxin levels and the type of food your topper is being served with to avoid complicating your dog’s health status.

Each product contains varying amounts of vitamins and minerals; some may be in excess of, or deficient to your dog’s needs. These rations can be prescribed depending on your dog’s health status or general conditions as previously explained in the benefits.


When it comes to feeding, you need a regular supply of the same brand and quantity. You should just purchase any dog food topper based on the genera idea of its content. The difference between two brands go beyond their name and ingredients.

It’s in your own best interest as well as your dog’s to have the same brand of dog foods on supply to avoid further complications in your dog’s health. So, choose a brand that you have access to even if you travel around with your dog a lot

They can’t be so hard to find. Check for branch locations and proximity to your radar.


This also has to do with availability. However, you have to take your income into consideration when going for a brand of dog food toppers, seeing as you have to be consistent with your purchase. Stocking on supplies also reduces your cost, even though with this option, you risk privative measures.


Your dog’s health is important. Having your dog live I pain and having him endure your experimental treatment is no way to treat a dog. What eve you do, follow your vet’s recommendation. Your vet’s choice is the best choice!


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