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Best Dog Crates 2016 | Tips and Reviews

Dog crates are special purpose kennels that are far more useful in much more diverse real-time applications. They are referred to as multipurpose kennels because they feature a variety of important applications which are quite important in your dog’s daily routines.

Dog crates are a very important piece of equipment in dog training. However, there are different types of dog crates on the market today.

The different types are based on the materials used to make them. Of all the types, the most common is the wire crates. This design is the most adaptable type of dog crate as it can accommodate as much accessories as possible.

They might look bare and not safe for your dog’s health, but there are lots of dog crate covers in the market today that takes care of that issue. The other types include; Aluminum, solid plastic, tents, etc.

Depending on the use you have for your dog crate, you can choose the best version of any of these types on the market and you’d be good to go.

best dog crates

Benefits Of The Best Dog Crates

The various benefits of dog crates that lie in the features include;

- Dog training:

Dog crates are used for different parts of dog training. The training aspect of your dog’s life routine should be best left to professional dog trainers. However, with dog crates, dogs can learn how to make use of their toilet, to be calm, among others.

Make sure that your use of the dog crates is one of the factors that influence your choice during your purchase.

- Traveling:

Travelling with your dog?

In most houses, dog owners have incorporated the dog house under the saris or under the table. However, your dog can’t always have a customized kennel to sleep in especially if you travel together.

Dog crates are portable and can be taken along for your dog when you travel or when you have him or her at a sitter's place. You can make it your dog’s second home, without having him/her have adjustment issues. It also works well with dog crate covers when you go camping out together.

Other benefits might be tailored to whatever use you have for your dog after understanding the concept behind the product. Either way, make sure it's in your dog's best interests.

Choosing The Best Dog Crates

The major factors to look forward to when choosing the best dog crates for your dog include;

- Size;

It takes a while to get used to living in a particular space, but when you change it often, it’s possible to see signs that indicate that your dog isn’t attached to your environment seeing as its always changing.

However, even if your dog is a pup, make sure that the crate you buy is of a standard size, so you won’t have to change it at every point in your dog’s growth, especially if he’s a large breed. Putting this into consideration also saves you a lot of money as you don’t have to buy dog equipment every year.

- Durability:

The best dog crates are sturdy and last longer in order to keep your dog in check, and also ensure his or her safety. If your dog crate is not durable enough, it would be easy for your dog to break out of it if he or she hasn’t been forthcoming with training. This isn’t good for your relationship with your dog.

- Portability:

One of the major differences between a dog crate and a normal kennel is that dog crates are movable, and because of that they are really portable and easy to use if you have to travel with your dog either by air or land.

Make sure you go for the foldable crates or really portable ones so that training and transportation wouldn’t be an issue.

- Style:

This has a lot to do with how quickly your dog would adapt to being in the crate. The design of the crate must be cool enough to accommodate the necessary accessories in style to provide maximum comfort for your pooch.

On the market today, there are different styles of dog crates. Endeavor to choose the one that best fits your dog’s size as well as its needs.

- Cost effectiveness:

No matter how cool the product is, the price has to be affordable and be just right for the quality of the crate. Over priced products are not the best option for your dog, as your dog has other financial needs that need to be attended to.

Make sure that the price you’re getting your dog’s crate is just right and within the average of other dog creates on the market.

Best Dog Crates

The best dog crates we’ve chosen for your consideration are reviewed below:

- Midwest iCrate Pet Crates:

The Midwest brand has a really good grip around pet supplies. This wire cage is a simple single door dog crate. It’s foldable, portable and has a really fine carriage configuration that makes transporting it to any location an easy task.

Its dimensions are 24 inches by 18 inches by 19 inches and are suitable for dogs weighing about 11 to 25 pounds. Being a wire crate, it’s easy to clean as it features an easy to clean composite plastic pan fo waste and poop storage.

The Midwest dog crate also features a secure slide bolt that makes any journey easy for your dog without having to sustain injuries as a result of a bumpy road or turbulence on the plane. For assembly and configuration, there is a divider Panel Included.

- Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

The Petmate Compass Crate might be made of plastic, but it’s a super durable brand featuring superior ventilation and visibility to make sure that your dog enjoys every bit of experience with this brand.

Its assembly is one of the simplest in circulation today with the Quick slide ‘N Go Assembly feature. Also, it has a secure quick latch 2-way door for easy entry and exit of your pooch with safeguard dog bars to prevent him or her from falling or from being attacked by external forces.

- Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

This Lightweight, portable pet home is truly a good help of the pet nation. It’s a tightly weaved mesh fabric panel surrounded by extra-strong steel frame making it pretty sturdy for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

It assembly requires no tool at all, making it the perfect dog companion for dogs weighing up to 70 pounds. The dimensions of the Petnation Dog crate are 36 inches by 25 inches by 25 inches, which is enough space for the average senior dog. It’s the total package with cool ventilation and a single door that provides a very comfy abode for your pooch.

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