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Best Dog Colognes and Deodorants For Your Dog!

What are Dog Colognes?

We love taking our dogs everywhere we go. We always always want to enjoy their company in the home, or outdoors be it at the park or just down the road. Rightly so, after all they are man’s best friend. We practically treat them like our kids. Therefore it's imperative they smell nice to increase our intimacy with them. Because, no one wants to be in close proximity or touch a dog with a foul smell. And if he would be with you at all times, he should smell good.

best dog deodorants

Dog colognes leaves your dog smelling great and mask unpleasant odors. This means more hugs and cuddles. When your dog smells fresh and clean, you are more likely to pick him up, play with him, and spend more time with him. You can have him on your lap or the couch and not worry about that any bad smell. And surely the dog will appreciate smelling good too.

Asides from the obvious reason of your dog smelling nice, there are other benefits of using the best dog colognes.

Benefits of the Best Dog Colognes

Provides healing and nice fragrance

The best dog colognes treats the source causing the foul stench on your dog's body rather than creating a temporary artificial smell to mask it. They contain ingredients that help treat bacteria, fungus and other skin related issues while giving your dog an attractive smell which replaces the repulsive odor on him.

Good for hydrophobic dogs

For some dogs, a bath doesn't equate to getting all beautified; it means having the worst time of his life. You can reduce the number of baths your hydrophobic dog has to endure while keeping him smelling nice and socially acceptable between.

Coat care

They contain ingredients that moisturize your dog's coat and prevent matting making it soft and radiant to touch. They also offer additional sparkle to it leaving it shining brighter.

How To Choose The Best Dog Colognes For Your Dog

When it comes to picking the best dog cologne, lots of option come up, different brands, different features and all that. Here's a list of criteria to guide you in choosing.

· Avoid heavy scented dog colognes

Highly sensitive dogs can react to colognes which can irritate their respiratory tract and make them uncomfortable. What might seem to be a very pleasant smell to us can cause discomfort to your dog. For canines like this, you might want to consider a spritz which is a more dilute version of a dog cologne.

· Choose natural

Some cologne additives can not only cause skin irritation but also provoke your dog's smell receptors. It's a known fact that dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than ours. Dog colognes with natural ingredients are good choices and will avoid these irritations. Some of these ingredients include: aloe, Shea butter, almond oil etc.

· Flea and tick repellant

In addition to the fresh smells, the best dog colognes also serve as repellant to parasitic insects that can make your dog sick. This is killing two birds with a stone: keep your dog smelling fresh and also keep the bugs off him.

· Skin treatment

Choose dog colognes that improve your dog's skin and fur. The best dog colognes should contain mixtures that conditions your dog's fur and help ease skin irritations.

 Customer reviews

This is can be very helpful in getting first-hand information about a dog cologne you intend to buy. It gives you insights on the product's efficiency and promises made by reading through other users experiences of the dog cologne.

Now, here are our top three lists of bestselling dog colognes. They are very reputable and highly recommended by users.

Natural Pet Spray for Dogs & Cats

Natural Pet Spray for Dogs & Cats

The Natural Pet Spray for Dogs & Cats which is produced in a state of the art facility in the USA is a two in one natural pet cleansing and grooming spray. It is great for indoor and outdoor use. Doubles as a cleansing spray to deodorize urine smelling carpet areas around the house, or spray directly on your pet’s body. This spray is rich in anti-microbial properties for efficient odor elimination and cleansing.

It contains an essential oil formula which makes it repel flea, ticks and mosquitoes naturally. These essential formulas which are natural include citronella and therapeutic grade lemongrass. This feature renders this product environmental friendly and safe to use.

The Natural Pet Spray for Dogs & Cats is sold with a refund policy and promises you 100% satisfaction or you get your money back.

Wahl 100% Natural Pet Doggie Deodorant

Wahl 100% Natural Pet Doggie Deodorant

Wahl 100% Natural Pet Doggie Deodorant refreshes and deodorizes your pet's skin and coat with natural oils. The Eucalyptus and Spearmint fragrance is designed to give your pet a clean, fresh smell without bathing

This perfect splash of cologne has natural oils in the spray which moisturizes your pet’s skin, help soften his coat for brushing and make it shining.

Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Cologne

Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Cologne

The Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Cologne helps to keep your pets smelling good by removing body odor between baths and rids them of doggie odor for months. It can be used on wet pets too. This product is recommended for use after grooming and between baths and is manufactured in USA.

Spray from the head back in sweeping motions 10 - 12 inches away from your pet. It is available in a 12-ounce aerosol spray and measures 8"L by 2.5"H by 2.5"W.

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