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Amazing Tips About The Best Homemade Dog Food!

Best Homemade Dog Food

There are a lot of reasons you might want to resolve to feed your dog with the best homemade dog food. Apart from the fact that they are mostly made of fresh and natural ingredients, most dog owners don’t trust commercial products as much as they normally would.

This might be because they’ve had a run with a really bad product that in the past messed up their dog’s health, or even killed it. I get it. That’s a lot to handle, it would take a lot of time to move on past that. However, while you rely on your own strengths, you need to be cautious.

Another reason is that you love doing it. In relationships, most people like to cook for each other, as a sign of love, or respect, or to show intimacy. This happens often with dogs too, with owners cooking for their dogs as they make theirs. That’s cool too.

But then, is that the safest option?

The safest option would be to be able to make or provide the best homemade dog food for your dog.

The best homemade dog foods could come in any form – dry or moist. Whichever way you make it, make sure it features at least 80 percent characteristics of the best homemade dog food.

However, there are certain things you need to take into consideration before trying to make the best homemade dog food.

homemade dog food

Things To Consider Before Preparing Homemade Dog Food.

The fact that its “dog food” doesn’t make it any less complicated than it is, so get ready for some serious commitment and skill acquisition.

- Dog’s age:

At different stages of their lives, dogs require different kinds of meals for healthy growth. Puppies aren’t just into the diary. A soon as they are four weeks old, they can start to chew basic foods, which must contain enough calory and nutrients to supplement the growth of their bones, teeth, and all their internal organs.

For much older dogs, however, they require fewer energy foods, because their energy consumption reduces, and overfeeding leads to obesity.

- Dog’s medical condition:

If you would make homemade food for your dog, make sure you're aware of its medical condition as well as te necessary nutrients in the right proportions needed to overcome this condition.

That’s a lot of recipe and method cooking. However, if you do it right, your dog(s) would be equally compensated.

- Your ability to cook

If you are a bad cook, that can't even make a meal without making a mess, it's not very safe to venture into making homemade food for your dog. It translates somehow into any cooking process.

To make the best homemade dog food that your dog requires, you have to have a natural instinct for cooking, that would guide you when mixing the ingredients in the right proportions.

Cooking is an art. It's not just about recipes and textbooks. It’s just like talent. You either have it or not.

- Availability of the ingredients

If you live very far from a farm or organic market, I suggest you lay off from the homemade dog food making till you have easier access to the market. Unlike dry dog foods, storage of recipes and ingredients might not be the best approach to making the best homemade dog food for your dog.

- Seek professional advice:

This is like the 101 of starting anything new. Your dog’s health is at stake here. It wouldn’t hurt to get a few professional advice from your pet or a dog food chef (if those exist).

This would make you sure you’re doing the right thing, and that you are capable of making the best homemade dog food.

If you follow these tips to the letter, you shouldn’t have a problem with your dog as regards feeding. However, apart from preparation, the process of making the best homemade dog food is also crucial, and must be mastered.

How To Make The Best Homemade Dog Food

This section doesn’t explain all the cooking details of the best homemade dog food, but it surely points you in the right direction of how to make homemade dog food  for your dog.

- Start with a simple recipe:

It's good to be excited about cooking, but it's better to keep it simple especially when you've just started. This translates to a lot of angles including the recipe. Start off with a simple recipe, keeping in mind all the nutrient that has to be in the food.

Even if you're getting your recipe from a cookery book or the internet, make sure it doesn’t all short of nutrients especially iron, copper, calcium, and zinc.

After proper research, the best way to make sure a recipe has all that it takes is to use one created by an expert in dog nutrition. Add that to your preference during your research and inquiries about recipes.

- Follow the procedure to the letter

If you are not an expert on dog nutrition, then you best stick to the procedure according to your source. This procedure in its original form contains the right proportions of the ingredients and the right method to achieve the best homemade dog food.

For example, cooking with or without its skin or bone are two different recipes and when altered can change the nutrient’s profile, and subsequently its effects. Also, swapping the ingredients might alter the proportion, and you could easily prepare an unbalanced diet for your dog.

Buy a food scale, to be sure of your measurements, especially for meat, as it’s the most dominant part of the meal.

- Make use of the right supplements:

In most cases, supplements are used to make up for losses in a diet’s nutrient scale, especially for calcium and dairy meals. If you got your recipe from a good source as expected, the specific supplements would be included without a doubt.

- Check for results

Between the second and third week of your homemade dog food preparation, check your dog for any changes and responses to your food. A vet would let you know if there are any changes in its weight or toxin levels.

The conclusion drawn from that analysis would tell if you should continue, or your not cut out for preparing homemade dog food.

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